· July, 2005

Stories about Pakistan from July, 2005

My son the fanatic

14 July 2005

Group blog Sepia Munity points out that all the suspects in the London bombings were second-generation: they were born and raised in the country they attacked. In addition Rezwan of 3rd World View has a lengthy post pondering the motiviations of the bombers.


13 July 2005

Reacting to the London bombings, Pakistani blogger Zuffar makes the often-overlooked (or perhaps often-ignored?) point that “a tolerant, moderate Muslim feels as threatened by these as any one not Muslim – or indeed anyone under attack.”

South Asia Friday Blog Roundup

  8 July 2005

India Uncut: “This isn't just an attack on the UK … they're an attack on a way of life and a value-system, one that is dear not just to Western countries, but to millions in the developing world, like me.” While bemoaning the loss of life, Chien(ne)s Sans Froniters points...

Muslim Blogosphere Reacts to London Blast

We hope that multi-lingual bridge-bloggers can help translate more of what bloggers are saying in Arabic, Farsi and other languages. (If you have done so please let us know in the comments section at the bottom of this post.) Meanwhile, here is what has come through our aggregator in English...

South Asia Daily Blog Roundup

  6 July 2005

Sri Lankan blogger Indi Samarajiva says that the Live 8 manifesto, if implemented, will simply turn the third world into a giant welfare state. Vantage Point points out that the Delhi water board will start limited privatization of the water supply soon; he hails this as another crack in the...

Monday South Asia Blog Roundup

  4 July 2005

Now that KO’s internet access has finally been restored, he lets his opinion of PCTL, Pakistan’s national telephone company, be known. Hint: it’s not exactly positive. United We Blog takes a long look at the pressure felt by Kantipur Publications, Nepal’s largest independent media organization. The Indian blogosphere is starting...

Friday Global Blog Roundup

  1 July 2005

We’re always looking for new ideas and good stories to write about. If you have a story or a blog post that you think would be a good fit for our daily roundups, email us with the link! East Asia ESWN has a nice photo essay covering Hong Kong’s annual...