· December, 2009

Stories about Pakistan from December, 2009

Pakistan: Arson Attack After Bombing

  30 December 2009

Faisal Kapadia at Deadpan Thoughts comments on the widespread rioting and arson attack immediately after the suicide bombing on Shiite procession in Karachi last Monday.

Pakistan Was Meant To Be A Secular State

  25 December 2009

Haji Adeel of ANP party has stated that Pakistan was meant to be a secular state and it should now become a republic. This message has sent ripples in the Pakistan politics arena, informs Yasser Latif Hamdani at Pak Tea House.

Pakistan: Jihadi Culture On The Rise

  24 December 2009

“Despite ‘war on terrorism’ and Pakistan’s war against Taliban and massive propaganda against Muslim militants ‘Jihadi culture’ is on rise not only in FATA but in various parts of Pakistan, including Punjab,” comments Dr. Shabir Choudhry.

Pakistan: An Eye For An Eye

  23 December 2009

Kalsoom at CHUP! – Changing Up Pakistan criticizes a recent verdict at a Lahore court which ordered that two men will have their ears and noses cut off as punishment for doing the same to a woman who refused to marry one of them.

Pakistan: Negligence in Medicare

  22 December 2009

Sana Saleem at Mystified Justice discusses about the recent cases of negligence in medical service in Pakistan and urges everyone to be more vigilant.

Pakistan: Wedding Season

  21 December 2009

Its winter and marriages are happening everywhere in Pakistan as its unofficially the wedding season. Muhammad Rizwan at All Things Pakistan has details.

Pakistan: Soul Searching For 1971

  17 December 2009

Raza Rumi at All Things Pakistan remembers the end of the nine month long liberation war of Bangladesh (freedom of Bangladeshis) and the fall of East Pakistan on 16th of December, 1971. The blogger comments: “we, simply, are reluctant to learn from the fiasco of 1971.”

Pakistan: Fighting back the enemy within

  13 December 2009

Pakistani blogger Bilal Qureshi points out that the time has come for citizens to be realistic, to stop taking the traditional route of blaming India and collectively fight back the enemy within.

Why does homosexuality need an etiology?

  12 December 2009

Pakistani blogger buttersisonlymyname pens her thoughts at Bazm-e-Rindaan, on the various ongoing discussions trying to explain homosexuality. According to her, ‘trying to ‘explain’ homosexuality is a heteronormative, and even sometimes a homophobic thing to do’.

Pakistan: Wake Up!

  8 December 2009

Absar at The Mafia blog comments: “to bring back Jinnah’s Pakistan, we must come out of our shells of idleness”.

Pakistan: List Of NRO Beneficiaries

  3 December 2009

Adil Najam discusses about a recently released list of 8000 persons including the president of Pakistan and 34 Pakistani politicians who have benefited from the National Reconciliation Ordinance (NRO), promulgated by former president Pervez Musharraf on Oct 5, 2007. This ordinance “grants amnesty to all those against whom politically-motivated cases...

Pakistan: Birth Of A Monster

  3 December 2009

“Over a span of about 30 odd years, the Pakistani military and its establishment allies in the intelligence agencies, the politicised clergy, conservative political parties and the media have, in the name of Islam and patriotism, given birth to a number of unrestrained demons which have now become full-fledged monsters...