· July, 2006

Stories about Pakistan from July, 2006

Saving Nature

  31 July 2006

KO criticizes the corruption ridden Pakistani politicians for supporting the Pakistan Air Force to acquire land to establish a weapons trial range in the Hingol National Park, the largest National Park in Pakistan. This will drive away the wildlife from the park and the temple of Hinglaj, one of the holiest sites of the Hindus located there will be off limit for the devotees.

Pakistan: What Musharraf should do

  28 July 2006

All Things Pakistan on political advice to Musharraf and sensing the pulse of the blog's readers through a little vote. “It seems like everyone has an opinion on what Gen. Musharraf should do about the 2007 elections and the question of ‘removing’ his uniform.”

Pakistan: Blog-o-punishment

  27 July 2006

So, there you have it! “Collective punishment” is the new black of fashionable excuses used by governments world wide. Whether it be banning blogs or bombing to the hell out of innocent civilians, “collective punishment” pretty much is the “choice” tool of the tools in power. Following suit (of this...

Pakistan: Going abroad to study

  26 July 2006

Shirazi at Light Within reflects on why so many students from Pakistan go abroad to study. “In 1947, there was only one University of the Punjab. Today, we have almost 35 universities in the public sector, more than 100 in the private sector, and this number is growing with newer...

Pakistan: Women and Life

  25 July 2006

Shirazi on women in Pakistan – choices that are to be made when it comes to career and family, and the lack of support for women who want to test traditional boundaries.

Pakistan: In a Pakistani village

  24 July 2006

Light Within on life in a Pakistani Village. “There are lessons in the first landscapes of every one's life. Mine was a vista of green paddy fields, smoking with Salt Range (Pakistan) mist, against a setting of ribbon of River Jhelum which from distance looked like a shore of another...

Pakistan: Astola Island

  21 July 2006

Adil writes about Astola Island in Pakistan. “Flying over Astola Island (Pakistan)‚ my first sight of the Island and the speed boat anchored in a bay far below quite took my breath. Pointing hull of the boat lay in pale blue shallows‚ riding on the swell. Even a hardened seaman...

Pakistan: Another corner in Lahore

  20 July 2006

Certain cities have so many stories to tell. Metroblogging Lahore on Garhi Shahu. “But who would have ever thought that an area that came up to accommodate a most learned man never kept his name, and a complete scoundrel managed to keep his name alive because he was a genuine...

Pakistan: Get by with a little help from my friends

  19 July 2006

The ban on accessing blogspot blogs seems to have brought Pakistani and Indian bloggers a little closer. Help-Pakistan.com says “In light of the recent blogspot ban in India, the blogging community in Pakistan would like to present as a gift to the Indian blogging community a small script that can...

Pakistan: Israel and the Arabs

  18 July 2006

A view of the Middle-East from Pakistan via Hardly Innovative. “Israel seems to believe that a bigger and better aresenal is what they need to survive. Some Arabs seem to believe Israel is an occupying force. At the same time, Israel seems to want to continually expand their borders, which...

Pakistan: Women's rights

  13 July 2006

A poll by All Things Pakistan on women's rights and Pakistan's image. “The question is about what can be done to improve Paksitan’s international image in terms of women rights.”

Pakistan: Karakorum Highway

  12 July 2006

Adil Najam on the Karakorum Highway. “The souls that pave the way for the modern tarmac road known as the Karakorum Highway (KKH) still seem to flicker amongst the sharp moving shadows of the unstable rocks and the almost countless but crumbly semi-transparent glaciers that constantly threaten its existence.”

South Asia: Cricket scores

  12 July 2006

The Man On The Outer reflects on Zizou's headbutt controversy, and how cricket is an extremely challenging game. “Most require certain levels of skill, physical fitness and mental strength to succeed – but cricket demands far more in the last criteria.”

Global Food Blog Report #24

  9 July 2006

#1: From Thailand, B'Tonian in Siam : Thai Food & the Market I’ve heard so many people say they love Thai food, but few can name more than a handful of Thai dishes. In actuality, there are thousands of Thai dishes and most Thais eat hundreds of different dishes yearly....

Pakistan: Salman Rushdie

  7 July 2006

The Organic Brew on Salman Rushdie's Midnight's Children – “But my own personal perspective is that the book and its characters are really more about the great tragedy of Kashmir and her people than meet the eye at first. This is of necessity placed in the cultural milieu of India,...

Pakistan: Cremation and Burial

  4 July 2006

Metroblogging Lahore on Shamshaan Ghaats – or cremation grounds, and the politics of converting these to burial grounds. “After Independence in 1947, all Shamshaam-ghaats in Lahore were destroyed in wake of departure of Hindus & Sikhs from Lahore. Shamshaan-ghaat is the place where Hindus & Sikhs perform the last rituals...

Pakistan: Blog-o-timewarp

  4 July 2006

I write to you this week from the future. This post which was due about three weeks back is actually being written on time, somewhere around the 2nd week of June. So please don't think this a lame excuse for my procrastination because I actually have discovered an internet based...