· March, 2010

Stories about Pakistan from March, 2010

Pakistan: Earth Hour 2010

  27 March 2010

Hina Safdar at Chowrangi urges Pakistanis to switch off lights in honor of earth hour tonight at 8:30 PM when hundreds of cities around the world will switch off the lights for 60 minutes.

Pakistan: Child Abuse On The Rise

  23 March 2010

The term ‘child abuse’ covers a wide array of very diverse kinds of crimes subjected towards the minors. Bloggers discuss the disturbing rise in child abuse cases in Pakistan.

Pakistan: Terror And The Blame Game

  17 March 2010

Kalsoom at CHUP! – Changing Up Pakistan criticizes the blame game of Pakistan's leaders and comments: “the stream of bombings and the subsequent deaths of innocent civilians will continue to undermine Pakistan’s tactical successes against the Taliban.”

Global Voices Authors Speak Out Against Censorship

  12 March 2010

Today marks the World Day Against Cyber Censorship, an initiative promoted by global NGO Reporters Without Borders (RSF) in support of a single Internet that is unrestricted and accessible to all. The day will hopefully inspire Internet users to increase their own awareness of online censorship, which is something that many Global Voices authors know all too well. In this post, GV Authors speak out.

Pakistan: Say No To Honor Killings

  11 March 2010

Dr. Awab Alvi at Teeth Maestro asked his readers to act to prevent a possible ‘Honor Killing’ in Quetta. Today the blogger updates the status of the couple under threat.

Pakistan: Perils Of Having Dark Skin

  9 March 2010

Maria Saadat, who runs a South Asian beauty blog, guest blogs at CHUP! – Changing Up Pakistan. She writes about the obsession of Pakistanis for fairer skin and the stigma related to having a darker shade of skin.

Bangladesh: Photo Competition For The Bihari Refugees

  7 March 2010

Six Oranges reports that a photo competition titled Ummid (hope) has been arranged to mark the second anniversary of the granting of citizenship to stranded Biharis (Pakistanis) by the supreme court of Bangladesh. The competition will bring attention on the problems of the refugees that still remain.

Pakistan: Climate Change and Global Warming

  6 March 2010

Every year the winters are shrinking, which is resulting in warming of climate and less and less greenery in Pakistan and elsewhere in the world. Pakistani Bloggers discuss how climate change is affecting our lives.

Pakistan: Google A Taxi Driver

  6 March 2010

Pakistan Speaks talks about Asif Hussain Shah, a Pakistani taxi driver, who has found a new way to advertise his book and his taxi business with the “search on Google” phrase in his taxi body.

FarmVille And Facebook

  4 March 2010

“It is hard to be on Facebook and avoid Farmville. It’s Global addiction,” comments Hina Safdar at Chowrangi Blog while discussing the popularity of the online Facebook game app.