· January, 2010

Stories about Pakistan from January, 2010

Pakistan: Depleting Water Resources

  30 January 2010

Owais Mughal at All Things Pakistan discusses about the depleting water resources of Pakistan and urges the decision makers to “invest in Pakistan’s Water Resources for the stability of the country and the region.”

Pakistan: In Search Of A Pakistani Identity

  28 January 2010

In a recent survey three quarters of Pakistani youth viewed themselves as Muslims first, Pakistani second. Raza Rumi talks about the identity crisis of the Pakistani younger generation, which deviates from the views of the founding father of the nation.

South Asia: The Dream Of Visa-less, Peaceful Coexistence

  28 January 2010

Pakistani blogger Raza Rumi attended the SAARC folklore festival held in Chandigarh, India and commented: “It will take years, perhaps decades, but the dream for a visa-less, peacefully coexistent countries of South Asia will be realized. We will wait, but not give up.”

No IPL Transmission In Pakistan

  24 January 2010

Spring Of Autumn reports that the Cable Operators Association of Pakistan will not show any match of Indian Premier League (IPL) cricket because they felt that Pakistani players were deliberately excluded from the tournament.

India, Pakistan: Cricket Diplomacy

  20 January 2010

The Acorn comments that “it was wrong to leave Pakistani cricketers out” of the Indian Premier League (IPL) at the IPL international players’ auction.

Why should South Asians Donate For Haiti?

  16 January 2010

Sridhar at South Asian Philanthropy project explains why South Asians should donate for Haiti: “South Asians are very diverse in their giving – from giving to causes here in North America, to giving around the world”.

Pakistan: Traffic Jam And The President

  14 January 2010

Binary Zero at Lahore Metblogs informs that Lahore is seeing more traffic jams as the President is in the town and his supporters are clogging the streets. The blogger gives some tips to avoid the traffic.

Pakistan: First Blog Awards

  13 January 2010

Tenezo reports that Google Pakistan and CIO Pakistan are organizing the first Pakistani blog awards. If you are a Pakistani blogger or write about Pakistan please submit your blog here.

Pakistan: Battling for Hearts and Minds

  12 January 2010

Kalsoom at CHUP -Changing Up Pakistan discusses the strategy of the Pakistani security forces who are battling for hearts and minds “with a campaign that vilifies the enemy and sways potential Taliban sympathizers.”

Pakistan: Is Democracy Appropriate For The Country?

  7 January 2010

Which one is important – enabling basic human rights with corrupt justice and failed governance in democracy or enabling good governance with no democracy? Osama Bin Javed from Pakistan starts the debate whether democracy is appropriate for countries like Pakistan and Afghanistan.

Bnagladesh: Secularism And Constitution

  6 January 2010

Bangladesh has proceeded to annul the fifth amendment to the constitution, which will lead to the ban of religion-based politics in the country. Indus Asia Online Journal (iaoj) commented that Pakistan should follow the same to save the country from the misuse and abuse of religion.

Blogging about Culture and Interracial Marriages

  4 January 2010

A Number of mixed race and religion families are sharing their experiences in the blogosphere. The trial and tribulations of inter racial couples show a mirror to how far we, as a civilization, have come in accepting and respecting differences.

Live Temperature Update Via Twitter

  3 January 2010

Binaryzero at Lahore Metblogs has launched an useful service via Twitter: “I managed to build this thing out today and we have live temperature updates going out to Twitter after every 30 minutes”. Check it out http://twitter.com/LahoreTemp

Pakistan: Suicide Bomber Targets Playground

  1 January 2010

Alertpak informs that on the first day of new year a suicide bomber rammed his explosives-laden vehicle into the wall of a volleyball playground in Lakki Marwat (NWFP) in Pakistan. The death toll reported was 47 (including 10 minors) and the number is rising fast.