· April, 2011

Stories about Pakistan from April, 2011

Pakistan: In Support Of The Burqa Ban

  19 April 2011

Kalsoom at CHUP! Changing Up Pakistan highlights Nabiha Meher Sheikh, a freelance writer based in Lahore, who explains why she supports the burqa (full face veil) ban in France.

Pakistan: Text Books Being Updated After 11 Years

  15 April 2011

Faisal Kapadia at Deadpan Thoughts welcomes the steps by the Education Ministry of Pakistan to update the text books and supplementary materials for both students and teachers of primary and secondary schools, which were pending for so long. In states like Sindh & Baluchistan they were not revised in the...

Pakistan: Pukhtun Stonehenges

  14 April 2011

Salman Rashid at Doodh Patti highlights two stone circles in Pakistan which have been dated between the 14th and 12th century BCE.

Pakistan: Killings And Abductions In Balochistan

  7 April 2011

“Pakistani media and its civil society cannot abandon their duty to highlight the woes of all those Baloch who are being killed, tortured or abducted” – comments Raza Rumi while discussing about the secession movement in Balochistan and the repression of the authorities.

Pakistan: A Step Towards Decency, If Not Peace

  3 April 2011

Naeem Sadiq at Teeth Maestro points out an interesting fact: “each day as the flags are lowered at the Wagah border, Indian and Pakistani guards high-kick and stamp their feet in a vulgar display of aggression, anger and animosity.” The blogger wants this daily dose of hatred to be stopped.

Pakistan: Suicide Bombing By A Teenager

  3 April 2011

Adil Najam at All Things Pakistan reports that a suicide bombing attack on the shrine of a 13th century Sufi saint in District Dera Ghazi Khan in Pakistan killed more than 40 people. The murder was committed by a teenager, who himself is a victim in so many ways.

Pakistan: Resettling The Flood Affected

  2 April 2011

Chapati Mystery introduces the ‘Resettling the Indus’ project, which is an initiative of professionals from Pakistan dedicated to resettle the victims of last years devastating floods.