· April, 2006

Stories about Pakistan from April, 2006

  28 April 2006

Pakistan 451 reports on more sites being blocked in Pakistan because of directives issued by the government.

Pakistan: Blog-o-strikes back

  26 April 2006

I realize I've been MIA on GV but I shall reveal on the QT that I ODed on FOX TV, as a result my IQ was pronounced DOA by my MD but my mind was resurrected by the aid of my PC and DSL net connection. Returning to cyber world,...

Pakistan: Baisakhi

  19 April 2006

Baisakhi celebrations in Pakistan via Metroblogging Islamabad – “Thousands of Sikh pilgrims from across the world, including India, Britain, Canada, Afghanistan, Germany and Switzerland, arrived early in the morning to participate in the three-day celebrations.”

Pakistan: Hasan Abdal

  14 April 2006

Shirazi has a post on Hasan Abdal near Islamabad where “The legend has it that in 1521 AD, while passing through then deserted area on a very hot day, Guru Nanak's companion Bhai Mardana got very thirsty. The Guru suggested that he go to the Saint Baba Wali Qandhari who...

Pakistan: Some developments

13 April 2006

Crow's nest on a motley bunch of developments in Pakistan – from party politics to the recently held World Social Forum in Karachi.

Pakistan: Islamabad now

12 April 2006

Metroblogging Islamabad on how the city appears to have lost some of its shine. “Now the blue tiled watercourses and cascades at Pakistan Secretariat are lying dry and dirty. We really don't know what became of that ‘clay train’ in Saidpur village or if that water treatment plant there is...

Pakistan: Islamic Relief

  6 April 2006

Yasmine profiles the work of Islamic Relief -“sponsoring a series of six dinners around the United States, in order to raise funds for continuing support for the victims of last October's earthquake in South Asia”

India, Pakistan: Killing the Wiki

  3 April 2006

The impact of Indo-Pak rivalry spills onto the wikipedia says Pickled Politics. “Brainwashed to their respective (distorted) versions of history, Indian and Pakistani nationalists are busy slugging it out over the Wiki world. In the on-going battle for ideological supremacy, the quality of many articles (Panipat, Kashmir, Terrorism in Kashmir,...

Pakistan: World Social Forum

  3 April 2006

Raheel attends the World Social Forum in Karachi and has updates. “Nonetheless, WSF was a great learning and interactive experiences where I made some new friends and atleast interacted with people from such diversed cultures and classes. Indian, Srilankan, Chinese, Malaysian, Japanese, Phillipinese and Australian people were very nice and...