· October, 2008

Stories about Pakistan from October, 2008

Pakistan: Baluchistan Quake

  31 October 2008

On Wednesday morning an earthquake shook the eastern section of Pakistan tipping the Richter Scale at a massive 6.5. The most devastated region was Ziarat, a remote location in Baluchistan. It resulted in more than 300 deaths, hundreds were injured and thousands were left homeless out in the open in...

Pakistan: Help the earthquake victims

  30 October 2008

Five Rupees posts some links to charities that are involved in delivering aid and humanitarian relief to the victims of the earthquake in the Balochistan province of Pakistan. Please help the victims of this disaster.

Pakistan: A 6.4 magnitude quake hits Balochistan

  29 October 2008

Let Us Build Pakistan reports that a 6.4 magnitude earthquake rattled the Balochistan province in southwestern Pakistan today. More than 100 people have been killed and scores of people are still trapped under the rubbles. The government was quick to declare compensation for the families of the quake victims.

Pakistan: Dealing with unwanted calls and sms

  27 October 2008

Take Back Pakistan tells: “There is a great trend in Pakistan where little kids, and I do include immature men in that category, like to call people at odd hours and ask them to ‘make friendship with them’.” The blog suggests how to deal with them.

Pakistan: The other face of Islamic banks

  22 October 2008

Mohammad Yusha at Chowrangi questions the operation of Islamic banks in Pakistan: “Are these banks Islamic? Not even close. These wolves in sheep clothing will suck your blood if they have to, to earn money in the name of Islam.”

Pakistan, India: Old trade route opened

  21 October 2008

CHUP! – Changing Up Pakistan reports with backgrounds: “Today, India and Pakistan between their respective parts of Kashmir, reopening an old trade route across the Line of Control [LoC] for the first time in sixty years.”

Pakistan: Tribal leaders targeted by militants

  20 October 2008

Chowrangi reports that tribal leaders are being targeted by militants in Pakistan: “They are aiming at the very infrastructure of the tribes…They kill tribal leaders and elders who are local agents of the government or related to the political agents in the agencies.”

Pakistan: Devaluation woes

  17 October 2008

Pro Pakistan discusses the devaluation of Pakistan currency (Rupee) and the impact felt by the common people. “Our leaders are doing nothing for us except looting us,” the blogger complains.

Pakistan: Daredevil elctricians

  14 October 2008

All things Pakistan writes about the daredevil electricians of Pakistan who risks their lives everyday to work on distribution and transmission lines.

Pakistan: Still ignoring the stranded Pakistanis in Bangladesh

  10 October 2008

“The politicians in Pakistan religiously issue statements each year bemoaning the plight of the stranded Pakistanis,” Raza Rumi writes about the stranded Pakistanis (Biharis) in Bangladesh and the appalling life they lead as they keep their hopes alive to return to Pakistan.

Pakistan: Violence continues

  9 October 2008

CHUP! – Changing Up Pakistan informs that strings of bombings continued in Pakistan targeting the security forces in recent days as a direct response to the army offensive against Islamist militant strongholds in the tribal areas. The blog asks: “Will this still be seen as the military’s war on militancy,...

India, Pakistan: Death by religion

  9 October 2008

Diganta Sarkar at The New Horizon comments: “the religion first eats non-religious, then the other religions, then starts eating the self. Pakistan has already arrived at the last stage. India is still at the second one … but how long?”

Pakistan: Zardari again?

  8 October 2008

Teeth Maestro critiques yet another quote of Pakistan president Asif A. Zardari that caused much uproar in Pakistan. He mentioned that the militant Islamic groups operating in Kashmir are “terrorists” while they are deemed as freedom fighters in Pakistan.

Pakistan: Negotiation with the Talibans

  7 October 2008

Pro Pakistan opines: “NATO and Americans have always objected on Pakistan for negotiating with the Talibans but the irony of the matter is that today they are themselves calling for negotiations with the Talibans including Mullah Omer.”