· March, 2011

Stories about Pakistan from March, 2011

Pakistan: Paint Lahore Red

  28 March 2011

S A J Shirazi at Doodh Patti writes about a street painting competition in Lahore. Around 250 walls were painted in order to raise awareness among the masses about the issue of wall chocking.

Pakistan: License To Kill

  26 March 2011

Talkhaba interviews Robert Anderson, an ex-undercover CIA operative, who opines that “the release of Davis in my opinion is just a green light for more killings and assassinations by the US government and the CIA in your country.”

Bangladesh: Supporting Pakistan Cricket Team

  25 March 2011

Although many Bangladeshi spectators at a quarter-final match of the Cricket world Cup 2011 in Dhaka cheered for Pakistan during their encounter with West Indies, Mezba asks “can a Bangladeshi support the Pakistan cricket team”? Find out why.

Pakistan Day Celebrations: A Victory And A Sign Of Hope

  23 March 2011

Today marks the 71st anniversary of the Pakistan Resolution. Although the nation is struggling with insurgency and plethora of issues there is still a lot to celebrate - like today Pakistan made it to the Cricket World Cup Semifinals beating West-indies.

Pakistan: Blood Money Sets Raymond Davis Free

  20 March 2011

Raymond Davis, an American security official, was charged for two counts of murder in Pakistan and citing him as a diplomatic official the US State Department demanded his release under Vienna convention. Davis was released after relatives of the dead received "blood money" under Islamic shariah law. Netizens raise questions.

Pakistan: Citizens In Action After Minority Minister's Assassination

  19 March 2011

On the 2nd of March, an unknown gunmen shot and killed Pakistan's Federal Minister For Minorities Shahbaz Bhatti. He was assassinated for their stance on the blasphemy law. A letter writing campaign initiated by a blogger to protest this received responses from over 15,000 people from different walks of life.

Pakistan: Sharia Law Saves CIA Agent

  17 March 2011

Adil Najam at All Things Pakistan has this question to ask to the US citizens and tax-payers: “Will the man who sometimes goes by the name of Raymond Davis reimburse the US taxpayers for the reportedly over US$2.25 million paid under Sharia law to save his skin?”

Pakistan: Letter Signing Campaign A Success

  14 March 2011

Teeth Maestro reports that the “Silence Means More Blood” letter signing campaign in Karachi arranged by Center For Democracy on Saturday, March 12, 2011 was a success with 10000 signatures collected at the end of the day.

Pakistan: Say No To Violence And Ensure Our Civil Rights

  12 March 2011

Beena Sarwar informs that Citizens for Democracy arranged a mass letter-writing campaign in Karachi today. The letters urge the Pakistan authorities to take appropriate actions to reverse the erosion of civil and human rights and to uphold the rule of law without fear or favor.

South Asia: Comparing Indian States with India's Neighbors

  5 March 2011

“India clearly has a coherent identity as the world’s largest democracy, but aggregating economic and social data on the national level, and using it to compare India to its neighbors, is possibly very misleading,” comments Razib Khan at Sepia Mutiny.

Pakistan: Minority Affairs Minister Assassinated

  3 March 2011

Habib Sulemani at the Terrorland comments on the assassination of Pakistan's Federal Minister for Minority Affairs Shahbaz Bhatti in Islamabad: “Besides other segments of the society, human rights groups are mysterious silent on the recent engineered wave of extremism, which has hit hard those people known as liberals.”