· July, 2010

Stories about Pakistan from July, 2010

Pakistan: Floods Cause Death And Misery

  30 July 2010

Hundreds have died and more than a million people in Pakistan have been affected by floods caused by monsoon rains in the last three days. Kalsoom at CHUP! – Changing Up Pakistan has details.

Pakistan: Plane Crashed In Islamabad

  28 July 2010

Hina Safdar at Chowrangi reports in details about an Airblue Airbus 321 flight originating from Karachi, which has crashed in Islamabad’s Margalla Hills today morning. 152 passengers including the crew members were killed.

Pakistan: Perceptions And Accountability

  22 July 2010

Kiss My Roti says that the perceptions of “terrorism” and militant violence in Pakistan is shaping the social, political and cultural response to it by the Pakistanis. The blogger asserts the need for “a paradigm shift in narratives from assigning blame to accepting responsibility”.

Pakistan: The Urge To Ban

  19 July 2010

Faisal Kapadia at Deadpan Thoughts criticizes the urge of some Pakistanis to ban any problematic thing: “a ban is never an answer to any dilemma since it is an extremely inefficient way of proving one’s point.”

Pakistan: Muslim Mob Kills Wife, Children of Christian

  13 July 2010

Pak Tea House highlights a grim news which was not reported in mainstream media in Pakistan: “a Muslim mob in Jhelum, Pakistan murdered the wife and four children of a Christian last month, but local authorities are too afraid of the local Muslim leader to file charges.”

Pakistan: The Pakistanis In The Mirror

  6 July 2010

Faisal Kapadia at Deadpan Thoughts analyzes the fragmentation of the Pakistani society into different groups and how they are placing the blame on each other instead of joining hands to tackle the grave problems in the country.

Pakistan: Bloodshed In Lahore And The State Of Denial

  5 July 2010

Pakistan faces yet another episode of terror as one of it's more revered shrines in Lahore, popularly known as Data Darbar, came under attack. Pakistani bloggers criticize the official stance of the Punjab government which stays far from admitting that Talibans are the real enemies.

Pakistan: State Of Denial Continues

  3 July 2010

Raza Habib Raja criticizes Pakistanis for their state of denial and apologetic defense of the homegrown terror by pointing fingers at the USA for the attacks at the holy shrine in Lahore.

Pakistan: Suicidal Attacks In A Lahore Shrine

  2 July 2010

Hasan Mubarak at Lahore Metblogs comments on the suicide bomb blasts at the shrine of Hazrat Data Gunj Baksh in Lahore: “an attack on this very symbol of harmony, humanity and peace, as well as at something more like our city’s identity, strikes at the very heart of every Lahori.”

Pakistan: Balochistan – A Ticking Bomb

  2 July 2010

Balochistan, the largest province of Pakistan, has been a hotbed of anarchy. The central government has long persecuted Balochis for their nationalist sentiments and repressive policies have led to frequent uprisings in the past.

Pakistan: Website Monitoring Continues

  1 July 2010

As per a recent court ruling the Pakistan government has decided to keep a close eye on popular websites including Google, Youtube, Facebook, Hotmail which could be posting blasphemous content objectionable to Muslims. Pakistani bloggers react.