· January, 2013

Stories about Chile from January, 2013

Chilean President Piñera Has Not Had the Presidency He Expected

  20 January 2013

On an article originally published on the Chileno website, political analyst Patricio Zamorano reflects on the turbulent term of Chilean President Sebastián Piñera and summarizes crucial moments of his admnistration, such as the student reform movement, by saying: The student reform movement and the activism of hundreds of thousands of...

Chile: Expectation for the Dakar's Finish in Santiago

  20 January 2013

Today, Saturday January 19th, 2013 is the end of the “most dangerous race in the world”: the Dakar, in Santiago. Chilean netizens are excited expecting that their fellow countryman, Francisco "Chaleco" Lopez , a motorcyclist, improves the third place he achieved in 2009 in this edition that ends at home.

Peru: Rally Dakar 2013 Kicks Off

  5 January 2013

From Peru, Global Voices author Juan Arellano posts on his own blog Globalizado [es] pictures of the start of the 2013 Dakar Rally in Lima, as well as links to other posts and articles related to this sports event.

“Why Do I Feel So Much Pain, Violeta Parra?”

  4 January 2013

Patricio Zamorano writes a poetic piece for UK-based blog Chileno on the Chilean film about the life of Violeta Parra: how to assess the Chilean film “Violeta [Parra] went to heaven” on opening night in Washington DC. After listing many reasons why Chile hurts, the author ends addressing Violeta Parra...