· May, 2006

Stories about Chile from May, 2006

Argentina, Chile: El Chaltén

  26 May 2006

“Just when you thought nationalism had nothing good to offer the world, along comes a wonder like El Chaltén. A town with no conceivable economic or geographic purpose other than sticking it to the nearby Chileans, El Chaltén (Spanish for The Chaltén) is an accidental hikers’ paradise in what used...

Public Schools students coordinate Strike by fotoblogs

  26 May 2006

More than 40,000 public school students (and now some private (ES) as well) have participated in mobilizations all over Chile in the last weeks. They are asking for free public transportation, free entrance exams, a revision of full time school classes, and the detraction of the Organic Law of Education....

Chile, Argentina, and Latin America's Two Lefts

  25 May 2006

After years in the shadows – and only referenced for its Cold War legacy – Latin America is back in the limelight. The world over, economic liberalization has been the call of the day. But recent elections throughout Latin America have inspired commentators to call the region a notable ideological...

Chile: New RSS Aggregator

24 May 2006

Rsschile.com is a new aggregator of all things Chilean. There is also an English-language section.

Chile, Mexico: Valentina Palma's Letter and Video

  23 May 2006

Eduardo Arcos has posted another letter from Chilean anthropologist Valentina Palma [ES] who was detained by Mexican police in the violence that erupted outside Mexico City earlier this month. Al Giordano has posted a video of Palma being led away by police armed with firearms (contradicting earlier official claims).

Chilean Bloggers Update

  23 May 2006

Normally, Chilean bloggers have common concerns in their blogs, but this week coordination just didn’t happen. So, this is a cocktail of news. Leo Prieto (ES) , posts about his interview with the Sub-Secretary of Government Telecommunications to promote broadband internet access in Chile. The initiative carried the support of...

Argentina: Free Wi-Fi for Buenos Aires

  19 May 2006

Chilean blogger Leo Prieto inspires applause in the comments for Buenos Aires Mayor Jorge Telerman's announcement [ES] that the city will provide its citizens with free wi-fi access. One commenter responds, “we Chileans are always copycats with bad ideas, why not copy these good ones?”

El Salvador, Peru, Mexico, Chile: Internet Day

  19 May 2006

May 17th was “El Día de Internet,” or “Internet Day” in Latin America and several bloggers offered homages to the World Wide Web. From El Salvador, Hunnapuh asks [ES] “but really, what is the significance of the internet?” A commenter at BlogsPeru remarks that just around the corner is “International...

Mexico: Violence and Backlash in San Salvador Atenco

  18 May 2006

This much we know for sure. On May third and fourth, in the Mexican town of San Salvador Atenco, riots broke out which resulted in 200 arrests and 50 injured officers according to an official statement. We also know that a 14-year-old youth named Javier Cortés Santiago was killed in...

Mexico: Chilean Anthropologist Beaten and Deported

  17 May 2006

Antropologi.info is justifiably troubled by the deportation and beating of Chilean Anthropologist Valentina Palma when she went to San Salvador Atenco on Thursday, May 4 to document protests that erupted there. We will have much more on San Salvador Atenco and the reaction it has inspired later in the week.

Peru, Chile: Chileans’ Pick for Peru's President

  16 May 2006

Jorge Bazo Escudero writes that, according to a new poll by a Chilean university, 57% of Chileans would rather see Alan García win Peru's presidential election [ES}. In a related item, Hugo Passarello Luna says that García's opponent, Ollanta Humala is hoping to find an agreement with Chile about their...

Bloggers Opinions About a Proposed Euthanasia Law

  16 May 2006

A new law proposed to legislate euthanasia in Chile has been very controversial. Two main reasons: 1.) it was proposed by two deputes from the government coalition (left wing) without overall support of it, and 2.) the debate concerning “the right to live.” About the political scenario Victor Hugo (ES)...

Chilean Blog Contest: The Winners

  11 May 2006

While some bloggers in the world have legal problems because of posting their ideas on their blogs, it's ironic that in Chile were celebrating the first Latin America Blog contest. More than 2000 bloggers from 12 countries inscribed in the Atina Blog Awards. The first jury was the bloggers themselves,...

Chile: Atina Blog Awards

9 May 2006

Atina Chile has a heart-warming video, set of photos, and description (ES) of the awards ceremony of the Atina Blog Awards. For anyone who has been following Chile's blog community for some time, these are the faces and smiles behind the incredible words and energetic movement.

Kiskeya: Conference on Haitiano-Dominican Relations

  5 May 2006

A conference on Haitiano-Dominican relations held in Santo-Domingo ends today, reports (FR) Haitian newsfeed Radio Kiskeya. The conference was sponsored by Norway in partnership with Dominican churches and, in addition to Haitian and Dominican delegations, featured Brazilian and Chilean ones. The conference's goal was “to incite political, religious and international...

Chile: Las Torres Del Paine

4 May 2006

Maciej Ceglowski brings his ever-magical prose and lens to Torres Del Paine National Park in the Patagonia region of Chile.

Bloggers Against Vandals’ Disorders on May 1

  2 May 2006

Photo by new camerons The Workers United Centre (CUT) commemorates the first of May every year, all over the main cities of the country. In Santiago a peaceful march on Alameda, one of the main streets of the capital, started early in the morning with all the workers. Lately the...

Chile, Panama: Earthquakes

  1 May 2006

World Wide Help has the very latest on an earthquake that hit Northern Chile late last night. Chiriqui Chatter was also shaken awake this morning in Northern Panama.