· September, 2007

Stories about Chile from September, 2007

Chile: Microsoft's School of the Future in Peñalolén

  27 September 2007

Luis Ramirez writes about Microsoft's new “School of the Future” that was launched in the municipality of Peñalolén, which is only one in 12 schools that will implement this educational model. The special report can be found on the blog Un Computador por Niñ@ [ES].

Chile: Travel to Algarrobo

  11 September 2007

Love to Travel Chile provides a suggestion for a get-away weekend. Algarrobo is a tiny beach town that provides some time away from the busy city.

Chile: The Month of September

7 September 2007

En Tu Ciudad [ES] writes that September is month of contrasts for the city of Santiago, “It's a month with few work days, with a lot parties, a lot of fun, but hate on the other hand, a lot of festive spirit and with unity, with a lot of joy...

Chile: Troops to Darfur

  4 September 2007

“If the government has declared that it wants to position Chile as a country worried about human rights, then sending troops to Darfur would be an action more revealing than entering into the International Crimes Tribunal or winning a seat on the Human Rights Council of the UN,” writes El...