· February, 2009

Stories about Chile from February, 2009

Chile: Faces Along Commute Using Transantiago

  24 February 2009

Andrea Zamora narrates her daily commute to the Municipality of Peñalolén in Santiago, Chile [es] and some of the people she observes riding the Transantiago public transportation system.

Chile: Parking Spaces for Disabled Drivers

  24 February 2009

Mario Carrasco Berrios describes some of his recent experiences in the city of Talca, Chile with the lack of parking spaces for disabled drivers [es], as well as the problem of drivers who are not disabled that take these reserved spaces.

Chile: NGO for Victims of Delinquency Brings Together Citizens

  22 February 2009

The NGO Víctimas de la Delincuencia [es] (Victims of Delinquency) was created in Chile's capital city of Santiago in 2006 to protect, guide and inform the victims of violence in this city. On their website, citizens have been marking episodes of violence (muggings, assault, robbery, rape and abuse) on a map, uploading videos and testimony of when and how they were victimized. The organization's goal is enable the changing of laws in Chile, which so far, according to Víctimas de la Delincuencia, tend to benefit delinquents instead of their victims.

Chile: Bachelet's Visit to Cuba

  13 February 2009

Chilean president Michelle Bachelet has planned a trip to Cuba to improve relations after 37 years. La Pollera [es] writes about some of the criticism that has headed her way because of that decision.

Chile: Number of Unregistered Young Voters

  5 February 2009

Comparing the number of Chilean young people who are not registered to vote vs. the number who have signed up to use Facebook, Enzo Abbagliati of Cadaunadas [es] wonders why there are more using the social networking site.

Antarctica: Latin Americans Blog from the Coldest Place on Earth

  3 February 2009

The frigid surroundings of Antarctica may be the last place one would think to find bloggers. However, a handful of Latin Americans have become interested in sharing their experiences traveling or working on this desolate continent. Some even write directly from Antarctica, posting photos and videos, to help readers feel what it is like to be so far away from home. This is part 1 in a 2-part series.