· February, 2006

Stories about Chile from February, 2006

Computer Crash: Food Overload

  25 February 2006

Was your umbilical cord attached to a computer when you were born? It may sound like a strange statement, but the truth is that some of us think that. Especially if you happen to be in the middle of the Ecuadorian Andes and there is no telephone or Internet for...

Chile: French Indie Musicians Visit

  23 February 2006

For all you fans of floating canines and euro-techno, this is one post that can't be missed. The Chilean music blog, Super 45 – Blog System says that various French artists are headed towards Chile including Manu Chao and Pascal Arbez (better known as Vitalic). Included is a video of...

Chile: Blog Contest Question of the Week

13 February 2006

This week Atina Chile asks the 1000 plus participants in the Atina Blog Awards to answer the question, “how can blogs help create a more just and equitable society?”

Chilean Bloggers Making Faces

13 February 2006

Because of the internet, many people know each other by what they write, but have never met face to face. That's the connection that Beatriz made and is why she is now inviting groups of eight bloggers to a (free) workshop every wednesday where she gives them the materials to...

Chile: Reality Blog

3 February 2006

Carolina, Juan, and Pedro are among the contestants of Reality Blog, which predictably enough is the Chilean blogosphere's equivalent of reality T.V.

Chile: Streets Open to Bicycles

1 February 2006

Chilean citizen journalist, Ramiro Octavio Garcia Strohm describes the mixed reactions to Chile's recent car-free day of recreation. The festival, copied from a similar event in Colombia, is known as “Ciclorecreovia” and closes streets to cars in favor of bicycles.