· November, 2006

Stories about Chile from November, 2006

No Congress Debate for Abortion in Chile

  24 November 2006

With 61 votes in favor, the lower house of the Chilean congress decided to not legalize abortion and declared it “unacceptable”. 21 votes were against there were 3 abstentions. Quemarlasnaves (ES) posts about the democratic sense that involved the decision: La decisión del Presidente de la Cámara, respaldada por la...

Podcast: Interview With ChilePodcast's Carlos Toledo

  20 November 2006

Chilean podcaster Carlos Toledo explains how he started communicating to the world, why he continues, and how he hopes to expand podcasting's educational potential throughout Chile. With introductory music by Valdivia. ChilePodcast | Blog | Podcast (RSS) Valdivia | Creative Commons Review [ES] | Album Page | Caja Fuerte Download

Haiti: Reviving Tourism

  20 November 2006

JoJo at Collectif Haiti de Provence points to a haitian news article about Haiti's collaboration with Chilean architectural consultants in view of developing tourist resorts. The blogger's reaction to the story (Fr):”Nations living under the constant threat of violence certainly maintain a touristic tradition that is valid for the region....

China: Put the E back in APEC

  19 November 2006

The Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) forum came to a harmonious enough end this Sunday with all twenty-one member nations agreeing to renew calls for North Korea to put an end to its nuclear plans and key player China putting its weight behind the pledge. Chinese bloggers, however, seem to have...

Chile Seeks Political Transparency

  17 November 2006

Last week, Fernando Flores (ES), Senator from the leftist coalition, decided to suspend his party affiliation to the PPD because of a corruption scandal with other senators from the same coalition. The week before, the worldwide ranking of transparency listed (ES), Chile at position number 20 and first in transparency...

Panama, Chile: Information Architecture Retreat

  16 November 2006

Panamanian Jorge Arango gives his impressions of the Chile Information Architecture Retreat and discusses the state of the profession in Latin America. Leon Kadoch, meanwhile, applauds Arango's thoughts on “Casual Information Architecture.”

Chile, Peru, Mexico: Free Hugs in Latin America

  13 November 2006

Free Hugs are invading Latin America, explains Jennifer Woodard Maderazo. The web2.0 free hug movement has also generated lots of conversation on Flickr [ES] and throughout [ES] the blogosphere [ES].

Latin America: Friday Poll Numbers

  13 November 2006

A diverse set of Latin America's poll numbers this week from Boz including Transparency International's annual survey on perceptions of corruption. Also, Chavez up by 20 points in Venezuela and approval ratings of Chilean President Michelle Bachelet and Peruvian President Alan Garcia.

Chile: Beastie Boys Reviews

  13 November 2006

The audio wasn't good, ok. And, sure, they're no longer 20-years-old. But they're the Beastie Boys, writes Rosario Lizana [ES] in a post subtitled “more beasty than boys.” Leo Prieto was also there and agrees about the quality of audio: “the first song and all that followed sounded really bad....

Bolivia, Chile: Sea Access and Silala River

  13 November 2006

Miguel A. Buitrago describes the marked improvement in diplomatic relations between Bolivia and Chile despite to delicate and long-standing issues of dissension. Otra Expresión (now located here [ES]) recently cited a survey [ES] by the Chile daily El Mercurio which found that 60% of respondents favored a solution in which...

Blogs & Beers with David De Ugarte

  13 November 2006

David De Ugarte (ES) , a popular bloger in the Spanish-language blogosphere is visiting Chile. He is the founder of Las Indias Electrónicas (ES) and creator of Cyberpunk (ES) A few nights ago, David shared time with Chilean blogers with an open invitation, so everyone could attend. Roberto (ES) posts...

Chile: Senator Flores Withdraws from Party

  8 November 2006

Senator and vetaran blogger, Fernando Flores, has posted a letter [ES] he sent to Party For Democracy head Sergio Bitar announcing his withdrawal from the political party, which has been accused of political corruption. Fellow veteran blogger Leo Prieto applauds the decision: “We need transparent politicians, giving an example to...

Pinochet's Gold: Gone with the Wind

  5 November 2006

These past weeks, the news of Pinochet's investments in gold was enough to make bloggers write, not only from Chile, but also around the world. Carololine (ES) posts the complete Facts about this development, and also the magnitude of the news: Este “peso en oro” supera los cien millones de...

Chile: First Wimax Nation in Latin America?

  3 November 2006

Journalist and veteran blogger María Pastora Sandoval writes in El Mercurio Online [ES] that Chile became the first country to transmit WiMax internet access last week during a Formula 1 racing event. A commenter named “Onan” disputed the claim [ES], however, when it was mentioned on ALT1040, saying that Colombia...