· January, 2008

Stories about Chile from January, 2008

Chile: For Frustrated Journalists

  29 January 2008

“Don't Be a Frustrated Journalist!” is an information campaign launched by the Chilean College of Journalists. Notas Al Margen [es] takes a look at some of the statistics facing journalists in Chile, such as that there are approximately 1,000 new members entering into this profession each year.

Chile: Microsoft Executive Insults Cyber-Activists

  21 January 2008

A Microsoft executive recently referred to some Chilean activists as “pelagatos,” which is an offensive slang term used in Chile. Luis Ramirez collects some reactions [es] and responses [en] to this reference and highlights the work of these activists from Liberación Digital, who are trying to monitor and become active...

World's Eyes on Obama

  14 January 2008

As his ratings continue to slip in the primaries, US presidential hopeful Barack Obama's popularity is on the rise among bloggers around the world. Global Voices Online editors and contributors joined hands to bring us the reactions of bloggers from Japan, Haiti, Republic of Macedonia, Pakistan, India, Ukraine, Singapore and Chile in this article.

Brazil: Welcome to a new citizen media project in Chile

  14 January 2008

Alberto Marques [pt] on a new citizen media project launched in Chile, the Latin American country with more initiatives of the kind: El Naveghable [es] have already more than 300 collaborators and still growing. “Meanwhile, in Brazil, a few projects or nothing at all have come up”, laments the blogger

A documentary on blogs and journalism

  5 January 2008

Fabio Malini [pt] recommends a documentary by Alvaro Liuzzi [es] who “has made an effort to interview a number of bloggers – Argentine, Spanish, Chilean etc – for his documentary about blogging and journalism, published in video on the site Vimeo. They are 12 in-depth interviews, made with a Canon...

Americas: A Look Back at Global Voices – Part I

  3 January 2008

Global Voices - Latin America is covered by an excellent team of volunteer authors, who know the local context and can read the pulse of their respective blogospheres. This is the first in a three-part series of articles looking back at some of the topics that were blogged about in 2007.

Chile: Interview with Politician Interested in OLPC

  2 January 2008

Luis Ramirez interviews Sergio Bitar [es], head of the Democracy Party in Chile, who was very interested in the One Laptop Per Child project when he worked in the Ministry of Education during the Ricardo Lagos administration.