· June, 2006

Stories about Chile from June, 2006

Blogs& Beers with José Luis Orihuela

  29 June 2006

José Luis Orihuela (ES) is visiting Chile invited by International Communication Conference and Workshop (ES) . Taking this unique opportunity, different blogers invite José Luis to talk with Chilean blogers in the meeting Blogs&Beers. José Luis talked about liquid journalism, and other distinctions such as instead of saying participate journalists...

Chile, Argentina: Blogger Reunions

27 June 2006

Two blogger meetups in the Southern Cone. Ariel Vercelli reminds readers (ES) that June 29th is “Weblog Day” (ES) in Buenos Aires with an event at the University of Palermo. Meanwhile, Argentine-Spaniard José Luis Orihuela, author of the recently published “The Blog Revolution (ES),” will take advantage of his time...

The State of Creative Commons in Latin America

  26 June 2006

Coauthored by Jose Murilo Junior and David Sasaki Global Voices has become a supporter of Creative Commons licensing not due to ideology, but because our website depends on it. The translations we post, bridging bloggers from different languages and cultures, are modifications of original works, requiring either the author's permission...

Chilean citizens’ initiatives

  22 June 2006

Crime is on the increase. Citizens are tired. A victim of an armed robbery that occur two weeks ago in the capitol has started a social movement against the crime. In his first post (ES) , he puts forward a manifesto: “ My duty is not to legislate, I m...

Chile: Club de Lulu

19 June 2006

Liz Henry has a great introduction to the Chilean women behind the entertaining and informative Club de Lulu (ES). Then, a follow-up with links to the contributors’ individual blogs.

Interview with Leo Prieto

  15 June 2006

(he doesen't surf the internet, he dives into it!) Leo Prieto has blogger activism in his DNA. He has lived in countries like Thailand and Holland, and now resides in Chile. He has personally taught more than 2,000 people in Chile to better understand “Web 2.0” and use blogs. He...

Storms and rain in Chile

  8 June 2006

Pancho Cornejo show us the capital rain collecters in this photo. The first rain arrived and half of the capital, Santiago, is flooded. One of the main reasons is that the urban ground of the city has erased the natural channel’s that drained the water accumulated in the mountains towards...

Chileans Students Still Stand for their Rights

  2 June 2006

It is the first time in more than 15 years that public school students have coordinated to make the government hear their petitions. So far they have mobilized more than 150,000 students. How did they make it happen? Using technology. They all have blogs, use messenger, emails, and fotoblogs. These...

Bolivia, Chile, Venezuela: Surplus Investment

  1 June 2006

In a rare English-language post, Guccio reveals his theory on Venezuela's foreign investment of surplus oil revenue. Noting that Chile invested its copper revenue surplus in foreign banks, he suggests, “if for Chile the best option were to save in a bank, it seems that for the Venezuela, the best...

Chile: Student Protests Overwhelm Santiago

  1 June 2006

Referring to the student protests that have engulfed Santiago, Fernando Flores says that he has always considered education to be the Achilles heel of Chile (ES). Grafica Rebelde has photos and video of the protests. Atina Chile reminds readers (ES) that there is an entire category on the education debate....