· May, 2014

Stories about Chile from May, 2014

Drawings With Coffee Foam

  25 May 2014

The blogger on El Francotirador shares [es] his experience on a fast food shop, when as the waitress gave him the coffee he had ordered, she added: “There you go… I drew a heart with the foam” – she said smiling. As a result of this gesture, the author reflects:...

Is Breastfeeding in Public indecent?

  14 May 2014

Is breastfeeding in public “indecent”? That's the question raised [es] by Alejandra on Verde Alegría, after she was forced to breastafeed in private and realized she was not the only one: To me, breastfeeding was -and still is- something absolutely normal and I thought everybody shared that idea. Nevertheless, I've...

A Galaxy Far, Far Away

  2 May 2014

The website Chileno notes [en] that a Chilean-led team of astronomers has shed new light on the evolution of galaxies by observing young star formations in outer regions of the interacting galaxy NGC 92. As lead author Dr Sergio Torres from Universidad de La Serena explains, there is something special...