· March, 2010

Stories about Chile from March, 2010

Chile: The Process of Earthquake Reconstruction

  30 March 2010

Exactly a month after the devastating earthquake in Chile, President Sebastián Piñera announced a reconstruction plan for the country’s infrastructure and housing, prompting Chileans to provide opinions about how this process should be implemented and monitored.

Chile: Curicó Province One Month After Earthquake

  29 March 2010

One month after the Chilean earthquake, Luis Alberto Cabello of the blog Vivimos la Noticia [es] takes a look at the Curicó province, one of the hardest hit areas. He highlights some of the dramatic stories that have emerged including the one of a 13-year-old boy who survived after withstanding...

Chile: Firsthand video account of Tsunami waves in Pichilemu

  27 March 2010

The force and unexpected nature of a tsunami wave can be seen in the following video. It shows a group of friends walking on the debris strewn beach of Pichilemu, a resort town in central Chile, observing the previous tsunami's damage when they get caught in the rapidly rising waters....

Chile: Tu Sunami jabs at President, quakes and aftershocks

  18 March 2010

From Chile, a video mashup by tintoweno mixes McHammer, Storm Troopers and the Chilean president Sebastián Piñera as comic relief: adding  humor to the tense situation lived in Chile as they still experience very strong aftershocks after the February 27th 8.8 earthquake. The video's name, Tu Sunami refers the President's ...

Chile: Mapuche Communities Affected by Earthquake

  9 March 2010

After the February 27 earthquake in Chile, the media and the government have faced strong criticism for their lack of coverage and support for the small Mapuche indigenous communities closest to the epicenter. Mapuche leaders have called out for international aid.

Japan: Flight Doctor Tweeting in Chile

  7 March 2010

Flight doctor George Tomioka, who is in Chile as part of the Japan Disaster Relief Team from JICA, is tweeting at @georgetomioka [ja]. Here's a tweet from March 7th: “[Chile Info #3] The parks in Chillan were filled with tents right after the earthquake, but people have started to head...

Chile: Criticism of Television Coverage of Earthquake Aftermath

  4 March 2010

Andrés Azócar of the blog Hijo del Medio [es] writes about some of the criticisms aimed at Chilean television for its post-earthquake coverage. He supports some of that criticism including its sensationalist nature, for example accompanying shots of looting with ‘terror music.”

Chile: Communication Failure

  3 March 2010

Jorge Barahona writes about the digital communication failure by the Chilean government [es] after the earthquake, who did not make best use of the tools available. However, he praised channels like Twitter and his 3G connection that allowed him to access information.

Chile: Army Deployed to Streets of Concepción

  2 March 2010

The situation in Concepción, Chile’s second largest city, has worsened considerably after the earthquake. Confirmed reports of uncontrolled looting, building collapses, violence, and even in some cases, arson led to the deployment of a strong contingent of 4,500 soldiers to the city.

Chile: Political Points Amidst the Earthquake

  2 March 2010

Among the ongoing reports of casualties and damage caused by the earthquake that struck Chile, political observers and bloggers have commented on the implications the quake will have on Chilean politics, especially since Chile is in the midst of a presidential transition.

Chile: Chaos in the Province of Curicó

  1 March 2010

“Chaotic continues to the situation that province of Curicó faces,” writes Luis Alberto Cabello of the blog Vivimos la Noticia [es] written from the Chilean province that was one of the hardest hit. He also adds photos of the scenes from the streets.

Chile: Earthquake Effects in Maule

  1 March 2010

The citizen newspaper Maulee [es] based in Maule, the epicenter region of the Chilean earthquake provides updates on how the region was affected, including fatalities, road conditions, and recommendations from authorities.

Barbados, Haiti: Being Prepared

  1 March 2010

“What is clear is the changing climatic conditions affecting the world, the Caribbean included”: On the heels of two major earthquakes in the region, Barbados Underground wonders “what can we do to mitigate the damage to property and threat to life and limb” as another hurricane season approaches.