· July, 2010

Stories about Chile from July, 2010

Chile: Mapuche on Hunger Strike over Anti-terror Law

  30 July 2010

On July 12, 2010, fourteen Mapuche indigenous detainees began a hunger strike to denounce the Chilean State’s treatment of Mapuche communities in southern Chile. The strike is aimed mainly at ending the use of Chile’s Anti-terrorism Law against Mapuche prisoners, a Pinochet-era decree widely used during the seventeen years of the Pinochet dictatorship.

Chile: Controversy Over Pardon Proposal by Catholic Church

  27 July 2010

The Chilean Catholic Church has announced a proposal regarding the need to pardon certain people convicted of crimes on humanitarian grounds. The proposal has sparked debate on the Chilean blogosphere, as the original request could have included a pardon for those convicted of human rights abuses during Augusto Pinochet's dictatorship.

Chile: How to Fight Poverty

  19 July 2010

A recent Casen survey revealed an increase of 1.4% in poverty in Chile; that means that “just over 355 thousand people reached the poverty line for the first time in 2009,” as explained by The Pulse. In response to the survey, the bloggers from de la República [es] uploaded a...

Chile: Rapper and Hip-Hop Artist Ana Tijoux

  10 July 2010

Roberto Carreño dedicates [es] a post to Chilean rapper and hip-hop artist Ana Tijoux, calling her “the Chilean artist of the year.” She recently finished touring the United States where she performed 12 concerts.

Chile: Government's Critical Response to Comedian's Parody Sparks Debate

  9 July 2010

Chilean comedian Stefan Kramer is known for his accurate and humorous impersonations of famous public figures, including President Sebastián Piñera; Kramer's parody of the president on a TV show last Sunday was later repudiated by the administration and other politicians who considered the performance disrespectful. Former president Michelle Bachelet was also present during the show. Chileans have looked at different sides of the story, sharing their analysis and opinions through blogs and Twitter.

Chile: Bielsa and Piñera, When Football Meets Politics

  2 July 2010

Marcelo Bielsa has become much more than a football coach in Chile; he is often admired for his statements, and the media frequently deem his opinions headline worthy. But recently, his actions are speaking louder than his words as his treatment of President Sebastian Piñera has created controversy and mixed opinions. On July 1, "Bielsa" became a trending topic on Twitter where Chileans expressed their feelings about the most recent encounter between the president and the coach.