· October, 2011

Stories about Chile from October, 2011

Chile: Students Storm Former Congress Building

  24 October 2011

Robert L. Funk reports on the storming of the former Congress building in Santiago by students during “a Committee meeting to which the Education Minister had been invited”. Protesters refused to leave, and the President of the Senate, Guido Girardi, “declared that as the parliament is a public institution and...

Chile: “Anti-Occupation” Law Sparks Controversy

  17 October 2011

The Chilean Ministry of Interior (responsible for public order and security), drafted and sent to Congress a piece of legislation that would criminalize occupations of public or privately-owned buildings, arguably because of the recent occupation of schools and universities by Chilean students.

Latin America: Music Blog Loves to Discover New Songs

  14 October 2011

The blog Amo descubrir canciones [es] (“I love to discover songs”) reviews music from around the world, with a special focus on Latin America. The blog includes specials with songs by country [es], song covers [es], and songs recommended by readers [es]. The latter category includes a post on “Songs...

Chile: Education Reform Triumphs in Unofficial Plebiscite

  12 October 2011

After five months of protests and school takeovers, Chile’s student movement continues to mobilize for an overhaul of the country’s education system. Over the weekend an overwhelming majority of Chileans voted in favor of education reform in an unofficial and symbolic plebiscite.

Chile: September 29 Student Protests in Photos

  3 October 2011

Adam Isacson links to a Flickr photostream with photos by Marcos S. González Valdés of the latest student protest which took place on September 29. The images, as Adam Isacson points out, are under a Creative Commons license.