· March, 2007

Stories about Chile from March, 2007

Chile, Costa Rica: “Un Computador por Niño”

  30 March 2007

Ricardo Carreón, General Manager of Intel for Latin America, describes a pilot test of Classmate PC (“laptop for kids in emerging markets”) that he attended in Costa Rica with Intel CEO Craig R. Barret. On a related note, Carreón points us to a collection of YouTube videos about Chile's “Un...

Small taste of Chilean writers and poetry part I

  23 March 2007

Chile is well known as a country of poets, including Nobel Prize Winners Gabriela Mistral, the first Latin American to win the Nobel Prize for Literature (1945) and Pablo Neruda, one of the most influential poets of the 20th century (1971). Gabriela Mistral (ES) was not only a poet, she...

El Salvador, Chile: Roque Dalton and Roberto Bolaño

  23 March 2007

Venezuelan-American poet Guillermo Parra, recently in San Salvador to research Salvadoran poet Roque Dalton (1935-1975), describes the interests in leftists politics and experimental fiction shared by Dalton and the Chilean writer Roberto Bolaño. A follow-up essay, “Poor Poets: Roque Dalton and Roberto Bolaño“, goes into further detail about the lives...

Chile: Censorship, Victor Jara and Los Tres

  21 March 2007

In his inimitable style, Tomás Dinges ties together the popularity of Mexican Rancheras and American hits, Chile's feudal history, the oppressive days of the dictatorship, the brutal murder of Victor Jara, and the censorship of video images by the producers of the massive concert recently held by Chilean folk-rock superheroes...

Bachelet's First year as President of Chile

  17 March 2007

The first woman to be elected president in Chile, Michelle Bachelet, has made it through her first year as head of state. General opinion said that several situations made it not easy, including the education strike and delay in implementing the new transportation system that is still receiving mixed reaction...

Chile: Stop the Groping

  9 March 2007

Celebrating International Women's Day, Chilean President Michelle Bachelet tells men to keep their hands to themselves.

Chile: The Real Voice Behind Ricardo Lagos’ Blog

  8 March 2007

Omar Perez Santiago admits on his personal blog [ES] that he in fact was the creator of Diario del Presidente. Blog de un Animal Político [ES], the wildly popular blog that claimed to be written by former president, Ricardo Lagos. “The diffusion of the blog was easy. I announced it...

Ecuador, Chile: Kitsch Goes for Cash on YouTube

  7 March 2007

Is there any method to the madness of who becomes a celebrity on YouTube? Should there be? Should the Hollywood stars of the global, digital era consist of an overweight adolescent falling into a creek, two guys arguing on a bus, Darth Vader shopping in a super market, and, of...