· September, 2010

Stories about Chile from September, 2010

Chile: 80 days later, Mapuche still on hunger strike

  29 September 2010

Today marks 80 days of the Mapuche hunger strike over the Anti-terror law in Chile. Observatorio Ciudadano published a list [es] of demonstrations that will take place throughout Chile and in Italy to support the Mapuche on their hunger strike.

Chile: Bloggers and Social Network Users Question Bicentennial Celebrations

  16 September 2010

On September 18 Chile commemorates 200 years of its Independence from Spain with a Bicentennial celebration. But the date has generated reactions from bloggers and Twitter users who are relating the celebrations to a prolonged hunger strike by the Mapuche indigenous group and other current issues of concern for the Chilean people.

Getting to Know the Global Voices Latin America Team

  8 September 2010

The Global Voices Latin America team of volunteer authors has grown over the past three years. During this transition and the presentation of a new Regional Editor, Silvia Viñas, let's take a look at the diverse community of committed bloggers from this region.

Cyber-Event Organized by Biblioredes Takes over Twitter

  5 September 2010

On August 10, a 1-hour cyber-event was organized by Biblioredes, a Chilean network of public libraries. The cyber-event was hosted on Twitter and positioned the hashtag #biblioteca (#library) as a worldwide trending topic in a matter of hours. The event aimed to raise the profile of libraries as institutions of learning in a digital world.

Chile: Isabel Allende Wins Chilean National Prize for Literature

  3 September 2010

On Thursday it was announced that, after much criticism, Isabel Allende was the winner of the 2010 Chilean National Prize for Literature. Julio Suarez Anturi thinks [es] that the criticism she receives from other writers and intellectuals who think she did not deserve the price is born of envy.

Chile: Police Reportedly Use Rubber Bullets in Student Protest

  2 September 2010

Natalia Muñoz reports [es] that during a peaceful student protest in the University of Chile, police used tear gas, water cannons and rubber bullets. Students from the Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism have been on strike since last Thursday, protesting against “the privatization agenda of the Ministry of Education.”