· November, 2005

Stories about Chile from November, 2005

Presidential Election: Blogs and politics

28 November 2005

We are 13 days from the presidential election. Every night, on TV, before the news hour, the 4 presidential candidates, belonging to different parties or coalitions, have the legal option to publicize their campaign and proposals for 5 minutes each, in all the open channels, at the same time. There...

Latin America: Miss and Mister Blogger

  24 November 2005

The Chilean ladies behind El Club de Lulu (ES) say that voting has ended for Mister Blogger 2005 and that results will be announced shortly. Meanwhile, the ever-reactionary fellows in charge of El Club de Tobby announce the beginning of voting for Miss Blogger 2005. BlogsPeru reveals that the contest...

Chile, Bolivia: Developing Together

  22 November 2005

Chilean senator and blogger Fernando Flores traveled to La Paz, Bolivia where he met with various politicians and leaders to discuss bilateral solutions to development, investment, and leadership (ES) in the globalized age.

New Specialist Blogs: A Growing Chilean Opportunity

21 November 2005

Inside the Chilean Blogs world, we have a specialist blog community. This community is characterized by people that have worked for the government, or are in the academic field, participate in social movement and also have leadership in their area. It is not only a thematic blog community, these are...

Chile, China: Free Trade Agreement

  18 November 2005

The presidents of China and Chile have signed a free trade agreement. Gloria Delucchi writes in El Morrocotudo that she envisions that the region of Tarapacá will gain importance (ES) as unfinished goods are imported from China to be fully assembled and marketed for Chilean consumers.

Chile's First Bloggers Legal Workshop: Building a New Common Sense

14 November 2005

On 12 of November, the first ever Chilean “Taller Legal” (Legal workshop) took place in the brand new “Santiago Library”. More than 170 people attend the event, organized by Digital Rights Organization. The event began with a round table discussion featuring Roberto Arancibia, Miguel Paz, Arturo Catalán, Manuel Contreras y...

Chile: Presidential Blog Followup

11 November 2005

Andres Soto Bustos has a followup report on how the Chilean presidential candidates are using blogs to reach voters.

Peru, Chile: Alberto Fujimori's Arrest

  9 November 2005

Randy Paul and Western Hemisphere Policy Watch both go over former Peruvian president, Alberto Fujimori's arrest in Chile. Boz says that Fujimori critics should remember their history while Juan Arellano has a valuable summary of what Peruvian bloggers are saying (ES) about the arrest.

Participative news blogs, a new Chilean voice

5 November 2005

Chile’s first participative news blog, “El Morrocotudo”, was born last week in the northern city of Arica. The newly launched blog has already attracted 200 registrations from all over Chile. The focus of interest spreads from local concerns in Arica to national Chilean and international issues. The project has been...

Chile: New Citizen Journalism Site

4 November 2005

Leo Prieto describes the genesis [ES] of El Morrocotudo [ES], a participatory news site from Arica, Chile modeled after Bayosphere and OhmyNews.

Chile, Peru: Avoiding the Escalation of Conflict

  4 November 2005

Jeanette Jalil links to an article about a maritime border conflict between Chile and Peru while Fernando Flores has reposted Juan Arellano's excellent introduction to Peruvian blogs into Spanish as a way to encourage communication over conflict.

Chile: Legal Workshop for Bloggers

1 November 2005

Claudio informs us of the Legal Workshop for Bloggers, sponsored by Derechos Digitales, which will take place at the brand new Santiago Library on November 12th. More than 300 have registered.