· March, 2006

Stories about Chile from March, 2006

Bolivia, Chile: Who Invented the Potato?

  31 March 2006

Maria Passo has a long list of what she believes are Peruvian cultural inventions that have been “stolen” by Chile. One commenter, Danica says jokingly, “chile sucks. I'm bitter. gimme my ocean back!”

Chile: Beto Stocker

  29 March 2006

Fernando Casale links to two albums by Chilean musician Beto Stocker, both of which are licensed with Creative Commons licenses.

From Charango to Sea Controversy

  28 March 2006

Wikipedia Map Chile and Bolivia have different controversies issues. Last week it was the origin of Charango, a musical instrument that can be found through Central and South America. Bolivian president Evo Morales give it as a present to Condolleza Rice, while ex-president Lagos give it as a present to...

The Charango Controversy

  27 March 2006

This article was written by Miguel Esquirol and originally appeared in the Bolivian blog community site Blogs de Bolivia. The original Spanish version can be found here (ES). Lately, many charangos have been given as presents. Evo Morales presented one to Condoleeza Rice, the Chilean President gave one to Bono...

Chilean Art through Blogs

  21 March 2006

Víctor Castillo s art work Chilean artists are discovering blogs as a way to introduce their work in Chile and in new markets. Bitacora del Artista (ES), is a blog that has a selection of Chilean modern artists. All fields of art are included. Tropicaltoxic posts about illustrations, Sergio Lay...

Chile: Paz Errázuriz

  14 March 2006

Jon of PostHegemony introduces his readers to Chilean black and white photographer, Paz Errázuriz. He notes that most of her subject matter involve those who have been marginalized by society.

First Woman President in Chile

  11 March 2006

Photo: www.emol.com Chile is very excited. For the first time a woman has been elected as president and we are talking about it; in the streets, on the radio, on television and in Blogs. The presidential period of 4 years started today with a ceremony that took place at the...

¡Feliz Día de la Mujer!

  9 March 2006

You certainly don't need to speak Spanish to feel the raised hairs on your neck as you watch this moving video, edited by Argentine blogger Malearg, which recounts the progress and achievements made by women across the globe. Erwin of The Latin Americanist points out that this year has brought...

The Burning of Diego Portales

7 March 2006

No, Diego Portales is not living person. This Chilean building has a lot of historic memory in it walls. Since democracy arrived in our lives, in 1998, this building had been used as the central base for counting votes and for announcing the official results of the vote. A branch...

Latin American Voices

  4 March 2006

Time to take a trip through Latin America to see what Spanish-language bloggers are talking about. By far, the most linked-to post comes from Eduardo Arcos, a native of Ecuador who now lives in Mexico City and blogs at ALT1040. Taking into consideration his six years of blogging experience, he...

Images from Chile: The Miner

3 March 2006

This photograph, taken by Guillermo Olivares of his father Daniel, was posted with the following caption in Spanish: This is my dad, today on October 20th, he turns 56-years-old. He has been a miner his entire life and here he is in one of the tunnels of the largest copper...

Chile: Winter Olympics?

  3 March 2006

En Tu Ciudad is excited to hear (ES) that a committee is pushing for the 2018 olympic winter games to be held in Santiago, Chile. Meanwhile, the folks at Atina Chile have two online campaigns in action: “Internet Access for All” and “Let's Use Wikipedia in the Schools.”

Argentina, Chile, Uruguay: Pulp Plant Spat

  2 March 2006

Taylor Kirk of The Latin Americanist and Alfredo Sanchez of Olganza both post about a diplomatic squabble between Uruguay and Argentina over a pulp plant on the Uruguayan border which would have environmental consequences for both countries. Chile is now involved as well, according to Reuters, after Greenpeace activists prevented...