· August, 2005

Stories about Chile from August, 2005

My First PC, But For Real

23 August 2005

A well organized group of proactive bloggers and computer enthusiasts have taken the Chilean government to task over it's newly announced program, “My First PC,” which was launched by the Lagos administration on August 2nd as a way to help narrow the digital divide in Chile. Wanted or not, president...

Chile, Argentina: New Characters in URLs

  23 August 2005

Iria Puyosa notes that beginning next Sunday, Chile and Argentina will allow the registration of domains including the characters á, é, í, ó, ú, ü, and ñ. I would assume http://www.méxico.com.mx has already been registered. Un blog con floggera thinks this is a step in the right direction in making...

Chile: Chilean at Wikimania

10 August 2005

Quemar las Naves sends greetings to his fellow countryman, Juan David who just finished attending Wikimania in Frankfurt, Germany, the first international Wikimedia conference.

Chile: Technorati Star

1 August 2005

Chilean super-blogger, Leo Prieto, finds his name to be the second most searched term on technorati. As I write this, he's still there, right after Jesus.