· June, 2007

Stories about Chile from June, 2007

Chile: Mapping Torture Sites

25 June 2007

C.hileno writes about the government's plan to identify and map out the locations of more than 500 sites that were used to torture political opponents during the Pinochet era. He also wonders whether they might integrate it with Google maps.

Peru: The Charges Against Fujimori

  18 June 2007

Peru Politico [ES] summarizes the 12 charges that former Peruvian president Alberto Fujimori faces and that he may be extradited soon from Chile, where he currently is located.

Chile: Cold Wave in Santiago

9 June 2007

En Tu Ciudad [ES] reflects on the hardships suffered by many of the city's residents during the recent cold temperatures in Santiago. He also doesn't see anyone taking concrete steps in providing comfort or shelter for these individuals.

Chile: Oil Spill Affects Livelihood of Fishermen

  6 June 2007

Three hundred and fifty liters of oil were spilled in Bahia San Vicente in Talcahuano. As Ecologia y Patrañas Diversas (ES) explains, the spillage happened when the ship New Constellation under the flag of the Marshall Islands and operated by Ultramar, while unloading fuel for the National Enterprise of Petrol,...

Chile: Issues of Broadband Access and Net Neutrality

  1 June 2007

The issues regarding who controls broadband access and net neutrality in Chile was brought to the forefront, when Pepe Huerta, an assistant to a Chilean deputy, posted about a private meeting in which many of the telecommunication officials, governmental officials, and legislators were present. Huerta is working on a law proposal that would for example, limit which connections are able to be called "broadband".