· August, 2012

Stories about Chile from August, 2012

Chile: Mapuche Women Continue Occupation of UNICEF Office

  14 August 2012

The peaceful occupation of UNICEF headquarters in Santiago, Chile, by Mapuche women has continued for 20 days. Mapuche leaders have stated that the occupation will continue until UNICEF becomes more actively involved in cases of police violence against Mapuche children. On August 12, blogger and photographer Kena Lorenzini Lorenzini [es]...

Chile: Doubts Over Origin of Violence at Student Protests

  10 August 2012

Last Wednesday, August 8, 2012, thousands of students tried to march on the Alameda avenue in downtown Santiago in a non-authorized protest that ended up with three public transportation buses burnt. This caused the government to accuse students of fostering an environment for riots with their protests, while some protesters wondered if the thugs were actually part of a set-up.

Chile: Mapuche Women Demand Withdrawal of Police Forces

  3 August 2012

Leyla Noriega from online citizen newspaper La Opiñón [es] reports that three indigenous Mapuche women have been occupying UNICEF headquarters in Santiago for over one week. The women are requesting that the organization ask the Ministry of Interior to withdraw police forces from Mapuche communities in southern Chile.

Latin America: LibreBus Preps for Southern Cone Tour

  2 August 2012

The LibreBus project, born in Central America, is getting ready for their upcoming trip to the Southern Cone (Argentina, Chile, Paraguay and Uruguay): “Travellers from various countries, with different skills, will set out once again, united by a common objective: the spreading of Free Culture and the promotion of an...