· August, 2006

Stories about Chile from August, 2006

Internet in Chile: Creating New Political Actors?

  31 August 2006

Co-authored by Mary Joyce and Rosario Lizana Why has Chile, a country of only 16 million people where only 10% have internet in their homes, become a hotbed of cyberactivism? We know that the answer is not related to the tool, it is related to what is done with the...

Chile: Campaign for Bandwidth

  30 August 2006

Rosario Lizana and Atina Chile (ES) won't let readers forget about the Campaign for Broadband, which hopes to convince internet service providers to be more honest about the speed of their connection rates and what actually constitutes “broadband.”

Chile: The Day that Pinochet Dies

  29 August 2006

Publicist Roberto Arancibia is one of Chile's most popular bloggers. His affable tone and optimistic perspective are adept at parsing a variety of topics. Yet rarely does his blog, El Mundo Sigue Ahí (“The World's Still There”), delve into anything that would interest a political polemicist. Last Wednesday, a few...

Chile: Political and personal

  28 August 2006

Liz Henry returns to El Diario de Carolonline to find a developed cocktail of personal and political by the socialist, Chilean blogger.

China, Chile: Free Trade Deal Signed

  24 August 2006

Commenting on the Free Trade Agreement signed between Chile and China, Robert Mayer says, “Small countries aren’t just for destructive proxy wars anymore. Now they’re the center of trade competition, and they are the ones who benefit the most from it. This is the future.” Chilean senator, Fernando Flores has...

Broadband for All!!!

  24 August 2006

Chilean bloggers are concerned about the opportunities that broadband can bring to our development. Alex Lagos (ES) , writes on his blog: One week ago, La Nación published an article about broadband in Chile. The real thing is that we have been hearing about this issue for a while and...

Chile: Meeting with Fernando Flores

  21 August 2006

Mary Joyce has narrowed down her meeting with Fernando Flores into five main topics of discussion. For more information on Flores, see Rosario Lizana's two-part interview and Claudio Ruiz's critique of Flores’ blogging style.

Bloggers Opinion of Sanfic Film Festival in Chile

  10 August 2006

Sanfic is an international film festival in Santiago held from the 8th to the 12th of august. Countries from all over the world participate in the exhibition, such as the Philippines, Canada, France, Germany, Thailand, Mexico and others. More than 100 productions can bee seen. This is the second year...

Working for the First Wi-Fi City in Chile

  7 August 2006

Salamanca (ES) is a city with a population of around 25,000. It is located in the fourth region, Coquimbo. The project is called “Salamanca: The first municipal XXI Century town”. As Atina Chile (ES) explains, this is a project that involves the municipality of Salmanca (ES) , the Pelambres Copper...

American Dictionary

  1 August 2006

There is a persistent myth which says that, save Brazil and a few indigenous communities, Latin America speaks a singular, uniform language. In fact, the Castilian Spanish carried over by explorers, colonialists, missionaries, and migrant workers throughout the 15th, 16th, and 17th centuries was diverse in pronunciation, grammar, and vocabulary....