· July, 2006

Stories about Chile from July, 2006

Cheese Fraud: Viral Marketing Phenomenon

  27 July 2006

Gilbertte Van Erpe introduces herself as a French business woman. She has been doing fraud in Belgium, France, Peru and the last year it was the Chilean citizens’ turn. Bloggers wrote a lot about the issue. Leon Pulido (ES) explains the way the “business” works: The doubtful business consists in...

Chile, Argentina: One Laptop per Child

  26 July 2006

Tomás Pollak writes that the Organization of American States supports Nicholas Negroponte's One Laptop per Child plan as a solution to the digital divide throughout Latin America (ES). Meanwhile, Ariel Vercelli has posted an audio file (mp3 and ogg) of a recent discussion about implementing One Laptop per Child in...

Chile: Investigating Internet Activism

  24 July 2006

Why is Chile such a hot-bed of internet-based activism? More importantly, how can the Chilean experience inform grassroots internet activism in other countries? Those two questions are driving Mary Joyce's visit to Santiago, where she is investigating various efforts underway to create a more active civil society using the internet.

Blogs are Improving Citizen Concerns

  21 July 2006

You’re riding on the highway at maximum speed (120 K/H), talking with a friend, calm. Suddenly a public bus passes you so fast that curiosity gets ahold of you: how fast is this bus is going? And the driver decides to follow the bus. Carlos Verdugo (ES) posts the experience:...

Chile: Writing Contest

  14 July 2006

Santiago in 100 Words (ES) is an essay contest of, you guessed it, no more than 100 words about the Chilean capital. Entries are restricted to Chilean nationals.

Release the divine antichrist!

  6 July 2006

Photo from Iván Alvarado. José Pizarro, usually dresses as a woman, is a self-made poet, homeless, and calls himself “the divine antichrist.” He has lived in a very intellectual area since 1985, in the centre of the capital. With time , he has become very popular. Everything was as normal...

Global Food Blog Report #23

#1: From Berlin,  Delicious Days cooks up a storm and celebrates for the winning of her team Germany last Friday night: Berlin, Berlin, wir fahren nach Berlin! OR Finger Food for the Big Party… The many people who believed that the World Cup may have a positive effect on our...