· December, 2005

Stories about Chile from December, 2005

Latin America: Pan-American Literary Blog

  28 December 2005

El Boomeran(g) (ES) is a new group blog by eight critics and writers spread across Latin America and Spain. Sponsored by media conglomerate Grupo PRISA (owners of Spain's largest daily El Pais), the site is divided by: 1.) novels in progress 2.) criticism 3.) the “chronicle” and 4.) a forum.

Chilean Cinema Trends

  27 December 2005

Chilean cinema has been growing and growing as years go by. The “Festival de cine de Valdivia” (ES), the best known Chilean festival of cinema, has taken place in the city of Valdivia (ES) since 1993. Every year, Chilean producers and directors have the possibility to present their new works...

Chile: Soccer Champions and Chilean Music

26 December 2005

Marcelo Mackinnon writes in OhmyNews International that Catholic University beat the University of Chile in the 2005 football championship. Huasonic, writing from Spain, is filled with joy after stumbling upon some Chilean bands in the iTunes music store. He notes that Leo Prieto‘s podcast, Radio Minga is also included in...

Chile: Childhood on Easter Island

22 December 2005

Margot Hotus Salinas, a “linguist, musician and budding journalist,” remembers her childhood on Rapa Nui, also known as, “Easter Island” and “Isla de Pascua.” Nearly 2000 photos of the island are available on Flickr.

A Quick Trip into Chile

20 December 2005

A good way make a virtual Chilean trip, is by getting to know Chileans blogs about, food, customs, and culture. In La Buena Vida (ES) ( “The good life”) Alvaro posts about new restaurants and polls readers about the where to find the best “Pisco Sour” or the best “sandwich”...

Chile: Election Repetition

14 December 2005

Jonathan has a laugh at the repetitive campaign signs around Santiago as Piñera and Bachelet head into the final swing of the presidential elections.

Chile: Covered in WiMax

12 December 2005

Pablo Bastidas (ES) and FayerWayer (ES) both comment on Entel‘s recent announcement to blanket 14 of Chile's biggest cities with WiMax internet access.

Chilean Elections: Bloggers’ View

5 December 2005

Less than one week from the presidential election which will take place on December 11, some political blogs have been posting on the candidates’ possibilities at present. “Elections 2005”, a blog which covers the press, analyzes the latest polls which give Michelle Bachelet, the only woman candidate (the favourite) a...

Chile: Mister Blogger 2005

5 December 2005

El Club de Lulu ♡ announces (ES) that “Mister Blogger 2005″ is none other than Sergio Alvarado (ES).

Chilean Bloggers: What happened with our Politics Blogging?

  2 December 2005

Roberto Arancibia, a well known blogger in Chile, posts that we are only ten days away from the presidential and parliamentary elections and that political Blogs should be burning hot, but….why aren't they? Most of the comments agree that blogs are not mainstream or still too “elite”. Maria Elena said...