· December, 2007

Stories about Chile from December, 2007

Chile: Apology for Transantiago

  26 December 2007

Former Chilean president Ricardo Lagos offered up an apology for the controversial public transport system Transantiago that has received plenty of criticism. Notas Al Margen [es] provides thoughts on this apology.

Chile: A Gathering of Entrepreneurial Minds

  22 December 2007

Webprendedor, a gathering of entrepreneurs and those that want to find how they do it, took place in Santiago earlier this year. Many of the topics focused less on the technical aspects of internet businesses, but rather on vision, customer care and fundraising. Bloggers wrote about their experiences are presenters and as attendees, indicating their excitement about the future for these types of projects in Chile.

Peru: The Purchase WONG Supermarkets

  19 December 2007

A Chilean company recently purchased the Peruvian supermarket chain WONG. Juan Sheput of Mate Pastor [es] writes about some possible implications for the country.

Chile: BiblioRedes, From Visviri to Puerto Williams

  13 December 2007

BiblioRedes is a program from the government of Chile, which provides free computer and internet access to 387 public libraries across the country. This access especially allows Chileans in underrepresented areas to learn how to use the computer and the internet. One feature of this training is the ability to create their own website. The most interesting of this content can be found on the project's blog Contenidos Locales (Local Content).

Chile: Cell Phone Maps for Transantiago

  5 December 2007

A new map for use by cell phones will help users maneuver through the difficulties of the Transantiago public transport system in Santiago, Chile, writes Leo Prieto of Fayer Wayer [es].