· October, 2013

Stories about Chile from October, 2013

16 Books on Latin American Street Art

  23 October 2013

In Latin America, street art is of major cultural relevance. The region’s traditions of social movements and revolution have allowed the form to give voice to otherwise unheard sectors of the population. Of course, not all street art is politically or socially-oriented in content, but it does often provide insight...

Vote Like a Chilean Legislator with Populus

  3 October 2013

On the new online platform Populus.cl [es] citizens can learn about laws, vote on them and compare their choice with decisions made by members of Congress. Citizens can answer questions on issues like health, internet and copyright, labor, culture, the environment, and more. The site provides background information to help...

Chilean Singer Ana Tijoux Raps Against TPP

  1 October 2013

“A puertas cerradas se decide nuestro porvenir y en cuatro paredes van dictando lo que llaman devenir”. “Behind closed doors they decide our destiny and inside four walls they dictate what they call future” TPP Abierto [es] shares ‘No al TPP’, the new single by Chilean musician Ana Tijoux, “specially...