· April, 2008

Stories about Chile from April, 2008

Chile: Laptop Robberies on Interprovincial Buses

  24 April 2008

There have been reports of organized bands of criminals that have been preying on laptops in interprovincial buses in Chile writes Maulee [es] and suggests that one does not use laptop bags, rather other less conspicious bags.

Chilean Shorts: Micro and Mini Movies on the Web

  18 April 2008

From Chile, three examples of online video creation: first, a Chilean pre-candidate for the presidency takes advantage of online video tools to produce documentaries and interviews for web distribution, next, two independent short film producers with videos which talk about poverty, disabilities, old habits which don't have such a hard time dying and, why not? Love.

Vlog International: collaboration across borders

Vlog International is a project bringing together Spanish speaking vloggers: people submit their ideas, one is chosen and everyone records their piece, someone edits them together and they are published on their site. They began in 2006, when a group of friends got together to do a video homage for...

Chile: Wind Power in Maule

  14 April 2008

Marcelo Aliaga of Bloggeando La Vida [es] writes about the growing possibility of using wind to generate power in the region of Maule along the Chilean Pacific coast.