· January, 2007

Stories about Chile from January, 2007

Chile: First Bloggers Association

  24 January 2007

A group of Bloggers have decided to make the Chilean Association of Bloggers [ES]. The idea was born from the concern of not having a organized manner of communication. As they explain: Somos una agrupación de voluntarios con objetivos comunes, que mediante los blogs, buscamos desarrollar iniciativas comunitarias de diversa...

Chile: A Ride for the Climate

  19 January 2007

Eco-trans-hemispheric cyclist Dave of A Ride for the Climate has arrived to Santiago, Chile where he was featured in the English daily The Santiago Times as well as La Nacion.

Chilean Bloggers on Bolivia’s Chaos

  18 January 2007

Chilean Bloggers are concerned with what is happening in Bolivia. As Tomás Bradanovic (ES) explains: La horrible situación por la que está atravesando Bolivia tiene en su base un enorme malentendido donde tanto el gobierno como la oposición son incapaces de comprender el pensamiento del otro. Juzgan y actúan equivocadamente...

Chile: Last Words of Salvador Allende

  17 January 2007

Professor Zero puts up some YouTubed archival footage of the 1973 bombing of the Palacio de la Moneda in Santiago dubbed with the final speech of President Salvador Allende who was killed in the coup attack. An English translation of that speech is also available.

Chile: Burning Alive

16 January 2007

Chileno points his sarcastic pen first at a man who burned himself alive (only to jump into a nearby fountain) and then the Chilean telecommunications monopoly, Telefónica.

Chile: Isabel Allende: What's in a Cover

  16 January 2007

Don't judge a book by its cover. That is, unless you want insight into how major publishing houses try to market the translations of foreign writers. Noting the difference between Isabel Allende's original book covers in Spanish and their subsequent English releases, Posthegemony postulates: “Perhaps this is a tension for...

Chile: Pork Sandwiches, Rising Rates, and Political Scandal

  12 January 2007

Beginning with a description of “the best real food I have eaten in Santiago de Chile in my three years here” and ending with the varied political obstacles facing President Bachelet and her corruption-plagued ruling party coalition, la Concertación, Tomás Dinges has put together a beautifully comprehensive look at Chile...

Chile: OLPC and Politics 2.0

  11 January 2007

Chileans bloggers are very impressed so far with the US$ 100 laptop, OLPC. But how will the innovative device, meant to help bridge the digital divide, arrive to Chile? What do laptops have to do with politics? As Marcelo Aliaga (ES) explains: Como en todo, hay un chileno trabajando en...

Chile: Night Before New Years Eve

3 January 2007

“After a cravenly noisy Friday night, Saturday night was strangely quiet. It was as if all the neighbors, and all Chile was preserving its chi for the following day, the explosion of 2007.” And so began Chileno's foray into 2007.

Chilean Opinion 2006

  3 January 2007

Chilean bloggers have summed up the good and bad of 2006. El observatorio politico [ES] described six of the main general issues that are still not going the right way: corruption in the leftist party, the failure in the fight against delinquency, a deep crisis in our education system, low...

Costa Rica, Chile, Cuba: Castro and Pinochet

  1 January 2007

Both Randy Paul and Boz applaud Costa Rican President Oscar Arias’ commentary on the similarities between Fidel Castro and Augusto Pinochet. Meanwhile, Venezuelan blogger Afrael comments on the celebrity look-alikes (including Winston Churchill!) of Fidel according to the site MyHeritage.