· October, 2006

Stories about Chile from October, 2006

Chile: Desert Documentary Heads to Rome

  31 October 2006

“Chileno” excitedly announces that the documentary film Deserted Memory was accepted to the United Nations International Film Festival in Rome. “Deserted Memory is a documentary on Chacabuco, an abandoned nitrate mining town in Chile's Atacama Desert, which was turned into a concentration camp under Pinochet and is still surrounded by...

Chilean Cycling Bloggers

  26 October 2006

Santiago, the capital of Chile, is one of the most polluted cities in the World (of which we are not proud). In this scenario a group of bike lovers, have developed a way to promote cycling in the city. “Arriba de la Chanca” (ES) (the translation is “over the pig.” in...

Bolivia: Border Military Bases and Internal Conflicts

  23 October 2006

The treaty between Bolivia and Venezuela to build military facilities on the borders with Paraguay, Chile, Perú, and Brasil is being discussed in political blogs from Perú and Chile. Chilean conservative bloggers writing at El Rincón de Michelle [ES] agree that the treaty should be regarded as evidence of Venezuelan...

Chilean Bloggers Around the World

19 October 2006

Ana María (ES) lives in Heidelberg. She explains that to pass the cold winter she discovered wool. With it she makes small handcraft dolls and posts them on her blog. Just like she does, a lot of Chileans around the world use blogs to express themselves, communicate with friends, and...

Sewell, Chile: World Heritage Town

  16 October 2006

Photo by Mali Sewell is located at an altitude of over 2,000 metres in the Andes mountains. A copper mining town, this year UNESCO declared it a World Heritage site. La Libélula (ES) explains a little of history, as well as the social scene: Sewell was established at the beggining...

Chile: What's That Smell?

11 October 2006

Chileno clarifies what he thought had been a “mysterious toxic gas cloud in Santiago.”

Chile: What Language Does the Internet Speak?

  9 October 2006

Writing from Santiago, Rosario Lizana cites a recent study by the Spanish newspaper, El Pais, which found that 45% of all web pages on the internet are written in English while only 4.6% are written in Spanish. The reports suggests the creation of an governmental “Agency of Linguistic Coordination” to...

Surf in Chile

  7 October 2006

In Chile summer is coming and the surfers don’t mind. They just surf all year long up and down Chile's 2,880 miles of coastline. A community of passionate surfers share videos, experiences and their lifestyle. Chilesurf (ES), is not only a blog of Chilean news, waves, beaches and championships, but...