· February, 2007

Stories about Poland from February, 2007

Poland: On “The Lives of Others”

  27 February 2007

Traveling Life writes this about the foreign film that got this year's Oscar: “Anyway, Lives of Others did make me appreciate a little more the hate felt by many towards the proponents and tools of the old systems. Even I can remember my mother being taken in for questioning to...

Peek at Poland: Time to Make the Pączki

  23 February 2007

“Polish Doughnuts” by Polska*ポーランド*Poland For at least one moment in the dark days of winter, life is sweet in Poland. Marking the last Thursday before Lent, Tłusty czwartek (or, Fat Thursday) is a day of over-indulgence in sweets. This past Thursday, in scenes disturbingly reminiscent of Communist days, the local...

Russia: Gvardeysk vs the West

  21 February 2007

As the West is about to install missile defense in Poland, Copydude predicts big problems for a Russian border town with a military name, Gvardeysk.

Caught On Camera: Human Rights Video on GV

  14 February 2007

It has been a bumper few weeks on GV for human rights video, so let's get straight into it… Bandh of brothers… [via Neha] This footage, filmed by Dinesh Wagle, of United We Blog!, shows motorcycle riders being turned backed by members of the National Federation of Nepal Transport Entrepreneurs...

Poland's Pulse: Healthcare Bingo, Alcohol Curfews, Red Pig

  13 February 2007

Photo by Embe at warsawdaily A week of intermittent snowfall broke a dry spell, drawing kids outdoors for some winter games. It will be a short-lived affair as the winter has been a let-down for some with warmer temperatures and, as Our Man in Gdansk suggests, indoor games are sure...

Poland: Govt Resignations

  9 February 2007

The beatroot wonders whether the recent resignations mean that the Polish government is falling apart and provides more info on the resignation of the minister of the interior Ludwik Dorn. Traveling Life has more on defense minister Radek Sikorski's departure.

Hungary: Euro 2012 Bid

  7 February 2007

Pestcentric discovers that, due to the recent football scandals in Italy, Hungary (together with Croatia) may have a chance to win the bid to host Euro 2012: “Sure, Hungary has seasonal rioting, but it should be brought to the attention of those voting that there are no public holidays tied...

Poland: Radek Sikorski is Out

  5 February 2007

The beatroot and his readers are discussing the resignation of Poland's defense minister Radek Sikorski: “So it appears that the government will be losing the only internationally respected politician it has.”

Poland: More on Sex Scandal

  2 February 2007

Traveling Life writes of the sex scandal in Poland: “Four. That's how many women have now come forward accusing the leader of the neo-communist Self-Defense party, Andrzej Lepper, of pressuring them to have sex with him. […] how many women have to come forward before the Kaczynski twins and PiS,...