· October, 2005

Stories about Poland from October, 2005

Poland: Troubled Negotiations

28 October 2005

the beatroot reports on the troubled negotiations between Poland's Law and Justice and Civic Platform, the latter of which is presidential election runner-up Donald Tusk's party.

Poland: Opinion Polls

27 October 2005

PolBlog reports on the opinion polling scandal in the Polish presidential election.

Poland: Hot Water with the EU

27 October 2005

the beatroot says that Poland's new president's stance on the death penalty and gay rights is causing problems for Poland with the EU.

Poland: Opinion Polling Scandal

  25 October 2005

Polish opinion pollster predictions for both the first and second rounds of the presidential election were way off. the beatroot discusses what it all might mean.

Poland: Twins

  25 October 2005

The twins are in after Lech Kaczynski’s victory in this weekend's presidential election in Poland. His twin brother, Jaroslaw, is the head of the Law and Justice parliamentary faction.

Poland: Bomb Scare

  21 October 2005

In its latest blogcast, PolBlog interviews Newsweek journalist Wojciech Rogacin about yesterday's bomb scare in Warsaw.

Poland: Another #1

  18 October 2005

Warsaw Station congratulates (tongue-in-cheek…) Poland on beating out its fellow EU members to come in at number 1 on a very special list.

Poland: A Sinking Ship

  14 October 2005

the beatroot reports that a political stumble is costing one candidate big in the runoff race for the Polish presidency.

Poland: Double Vision

  7 October 2005

the beatroot reports that nearly half of Poles are worried about the possibility that the Kaczynski twins will become president and prime minister.

Poland: Andrzej Lepper

6 October 2005

the beatroot Adrzej Lepper, the isolationist and pro-Lukashenko, candidate for Poland's presidency who is running in a distant third place.

Poland: Dropouts

  5 October 2005

Candidates without hopes of winning this weekend's presidential election in Poland are dropping out, and the the beatroot says this favors Lech Kaczynski.

Poland: Poland's Car-nage

3 October 2005

PolBlog has a blogcast on the state of driving in Poland that comes in response to a number of recent high-profile auto accidents.