· July, 2008

Stories about Poland from July, 2008

Poland: A Land of Earthquakes?

  26 July 2008

Polandian accounts for Polish earhquake zones and points to the fact that Poland in the last two weeks has had 17 earthquakes, whereas California none.

Russia, US: A Cuba Crisis in the Making

  26 July 2008

Der Spiegelfechter (GER) comments on rumours in Moscow, according to which Russia might station strategic bombers on Cuba in reply to deployment of the US missile defence system to Poland and the Czech Republic. Is it a new Cuba crisis in the making?

Poland, U.S.: Missile Shield Opposition

  7 July 2008

Leopolis writes about Poland's refusal to host the U.S. missile defense shield: “According to Republican adviser and historian Edward Lutwak, ‘the government of the Republic of Poland by rejecting the US offer forfeited a valuable partner that would protect it against Russia. It is an elementary mistake.’ Such talk will...