· July, 2010

Stories about Poland from July, 2010

Poland: From accord to discord

  21 July 2010

Raf Uzar discusses how Poland's national unity following the death of the country's president earlier this year now has evaporated, as politics return to old conflicts and fault lines.

Poland: Confusing conspiracies

  21 July 2010

Polandian sighs at all rumours and confusing conspiracy theories drifting about in Polish society, following the tragic planecrash that took the life of the country's president and a large chunk of its political élite earlier this year.

Poland-Lithuania-Belarus: Grünwald 600 years

  15 July 2010

Belarus Digest writes about celebrations of the 600th anniversary of the battle of Grünwald, when troops from Poland, Lithuania, and Belarus defeated the Order of the Teutonic knights – a major turn in the medieval regional balance of power.