· July, 2009

Stories about Poland from July, 2009

Poland: #KDT Battle in Warsaw

  21 July 2009

Polish blogosphere had an interesting day today due to the conflict between shopkeepers of Kupiecki Dom Towarowy - a shopping complex in the center of Warsaw - and the police. Sylwia Presley reports on the bloggers' coverage of the confrontation.

Russia: Seven sisters – a short story

  10 July 2009

English Russia tells a short story with pictures of the Seven sisters – more known as Stalin skyscrapers – built in Moscow 1947-53, and points to other examples in the former “Eastern bloc.”

Poland: More trouble on the horizon for Euro 2012

  10 July 2009

Polandian directs attention to more trouble on the horizon for the Polish-Ukrainian joint hosting of the Euro 2012 soccer championships, namely the poor standard of Polish hotels not by far meeting UEFA-criteria.

Poland: No room for a fallen Madonna

  7 July 2009

The beatroot comments on US artist Madonna's upcoming concert in Warzaw and how conservative Poles organise mass-prayers in protest against her descent upon Poland.