· March, 2008

Stories about Poland from March, 2008

Ukraine, Poland: Tusk Visits Kyiv

  29 March 2008

Leopolis reports on Donald Tusk's visit to Ukraine: “The biggest development of the trip was the signing of a cross-border visa agreement for small-time Ukrainian traders living 50 kilometres from the border.”

Poland, Ukraine: Euro 2012

  24 March 2008

20 East writes about Euro 2012, to be hosted by Poland and Ukraine: “As I live in Warsaw, I’ll worry more about the Polish side of things although one general point is that however far behind Poland might be, in Ukraine it is slightly worse.”

Poland: Warsaw; Online Forums

  24 March 2008

Among other things, Polandian writes about the Warsaw Ghetto in the final installment of “Inside Warsaw.” Also, there's a post on “why Polish people don’t smile” and a review of Polish-English online discussion forums.

Poland: The President's Homophobia

  24 March 2008

The beatroot reports that “the Polish Consulate in New York has just apologised to Brendan Fay, the gay guy who complained about use of his image in the recent anti-homo TV rant by President Lech Kaczynski.” Leopolis writes about president Kaczynski's “paranoid tirade, outlining the greatest threats to Poland (besides...

Central and Eastern Europe: Easter Roundup

  24 March 2008

Adventures in Wheelville marks Easter in Slovenia; Polandian writes about the “ingredients” of “the nationwide ‘holiday shuffle'” in Poland, and Kinuk describes her family's Polish holiday feast; Csíkszereda Musings writes about the first Easter of the two, which are “are over a month apart” in Romania this year; Bojan's Blog...

Poland: Jaroslaw Kaczyński and the Web

  18 March 2008

Warsaw Station and the beatroot report on how the former PM “managed to show his complete lack of understanding of the world wide web”: “Plans by the government to introduce voting via the internet have alarmed Jaroslaw [Kaczyński]. He thinks that anyone who hangs around on the web is a...

Poland: East German Real Estate

  7 March 2008

Polandian reports: “Poles trying to get onto the property ladder are flooding across the border into the former East Germany where prices are lower and the living is easy.”

Poland: Victories, Poverty, Food and Drink

  5 March 2008

Polandian writes about Polish victories and defeats, dispels the myth of Poland's poverty – here and here – and the myth of excessive drinking in Poland, and posts a non-vegetarian roundup of Polish cuisine.