· July, 2006

Stories about Poland from July, 2006

Polish Blogosphere Update

  18 July 2006

Better late than never… That's what PolBlog hopes bloggers will think in response to its latest foray into blogging technology. Its new “Talk Back Attack” features an audio comment option to put “a voice to the text.” This is how PolBlog explains the new feature: Audio-commenting, as we call it,...

Poland: Miss World Contest in Warsaw

  13 July 2006

Unlike the Polish media, the beatroot isn't excited about the Miss World 2006 contest to be held in Warsaw in September: “It’s a boring event watched only by men with a very, very small…circle of freinds.”

Poland: President and PM Identical Twins

  12 July 2006

The beatroot writes about two identical twins who are now running Poland: “Opinion polls have been pretty consistent. Poles would rather not have identical twins who not only shared the same egg but also share the same political outlook in the two top jobs.”

Poland: Prize for Biased Coverage of Economics

  6 July 2006

Our Man in Gdansk wonders whether it's appropriate to award journalists for “defending the principles of market economics independently of political circumstances”: “I disagree with the none-too subtle implication that running an economy is apolitical. If economics is removed from the domain of politics, as GW, Reuters, the Polish National...

Poland: Political Humor

  6 July 2006

Our Man in Gdansk quotes a Polish satirist explaining why his job of making politicians appear funny is too easy.

Belarus: 300 Polish Scholarships Not Enough

  5 July 2006

EM of TOL's Belarus Blog writes that 300 Belarusian students will receive scholarships to attend Polish universities this year, but – a lot more could (and should, according to the blogger) be done by the EU: “Why is it so hard to find an extra 100,000 Euros and actually provide...

Poland: Play to be Staged in Tehran

  5 July 2006

An Iranian director has finally been allowed to stage a play by “one of Poland’s best contemporary writers,” the beatroot reports: “Now I get why it will be a great play to put on in Tehran. Dictatorship, false idols, weaklings who think they are heroes…”

Polish Blogosphere Update

  4 July 2006

With missionary zeal The Poland Pulse blogs about the latest English camps coming to Poland. By no means clandestine, the camp project to convert Catholic women to a less formalistic Christianity hopes to demonstrate that: …following Christ is much more than going to church and paying homage to a religious...

Poland: Jewish-Polish Relationship

  4 July 2006

The beatroot posts again on the post-WWII relationship between Jews and Poles in Poland, this time reacting to Fear, the latest book of Jan Gross, an author who “will again become a bit of a hate figure here for dragging up an uncomfortable past once more.”

Poland: The Polish Pro Corruption Party (PPCP)

  3 July 2006

The beatroot writes about a Polish “lawmaker (law breaker)” whose party “led the crusade against political corruption” and who, despite this, was caught falsifying 1,700 names on her electoral sponsorship list. The beatroot is now considering starting “the Polish Pro Corruption Party (PPCP)” and having this politician head it.