· April, 2008

Stories about Poland from April, 2008

Poland: Gorbachev vs John Paul II?

  28 April 2008

The beatroot writes about the publication of “a politburo document, signed by Mikhail Gorbachev, which appears to warrant a KGB contract killing on John Paul II.”

Poland: Road Signs

  23 April 2008

Polish road signs – at Polandian: “All road signs should be taken with a pinch of salt and interpretations read with tongue firmly in cheek.”

Poland: Warsaw Notes

  23 April 2008

Scatts writes about Poland's capital at Polandian: “Thanks to either greed, bad planning, ineffective regulations or a combination of all three, Warsaw is slowly becoming a city hidden behind gigantic advertisements.” On 20 East, Scatts posts pictures and describes the route of a “favorite Warsaw walk.” Both entries feature the...

Poland: Krakow; Warsaw

  14 April 2008

Polandian compares Krakow‘s past with its present; the beatroot writes about a survey that found Warsaw the third most boring city of Europe.

Russia: Bluffing?

  10 April 2008

The beatroot is wondering whether some of Russia's foreign policy statements are bluff.

Poland: Taxes and Charity

  4 April 2008

Polandian writes about the Polish taxation system: “There is only one thing that makes the whole system bearable. You can donate 1% of what you pay to a charity. This year we’re sending our 1% to the Fundacja Spełnionych Marzeń.”