· June, 2006

Stories about Poland from June, 2006

Poland: Troops to be Relocated from Iraq to Afghanistan

  29 June 2006

The beatroot writes that 500 Polish troops are being transfered from Iraq to Afghanistan: “This will be a much more dangerous mission than the one the Poles got involved in, in the quiet area of central Iraq near Babylon after the invasion to oust Saddam.”

Poland: Minorities

  29 June 2006

The beatroot writes that Polish “minorities” can't agree on “just how bad” things are getting for them in Poland. An interesting discussion is taking place in the comments section: “Polish racism is just the stupidity of the uneducated and simple xenophobic folk. It has no ideoligical or religious background.”

Poland: “Sex Slaves” Rumor

  26 June 2006

The beatroot writes that despite the worries of “Polish nuns, green feminists and George W. Bush,” there are no 100,000 East European “sex slaves” servicing the World Cup fans in Germany: “Sex slavery exists, for sure, but 100,000 women being imported into Germany? Surely most of the fans there are...

Poland: Hungary In 1956 Vs Iraq Now

  26 June 2006

The beatroot writes about “the major difference between Hungary back then and Iraq today”: “Hungarians led the uprising, which was later crushed by a Superpower. In Iraq today, a Superpower has ‘liberated’ Iraq and is now experiencing an insurgency by some Iraqis (and a few cross- border terrorist weirdos).” He...

Poland: Offended Blog Reader

  22 June 2006

The beatroot responds to a commenter's request to take down a post he perceives as offensive: “I mean… can you honestly imagine writing to a web site asking them to remove something that you find offensive? I would be doing nothing else 24/7!”

Polish Blogosphere Roundup

  19 June 2006

With almost 20,000 names (and counting) added to a digital petition against a restrictive DRM (Digital Rights Management) bill in the Polish legislature, Poland IP news and resources reports that: Under the heavy critique of the public opinion the Ministry of Culture withdrew some most criticized provisions (inter alia changes...

Poland, World Cup: Almost a Tie

  15 June 2006

Dayhawk writes on Poland's resistance to Germany during a World Cup game yesterday: “The Polish, who have not won a football match against Germans in 85 years, were shooting for a tie, tackling, stealing and blocking every German effort to score.”

Poland: Homophobia and the EU's Mild Response

  15 June 2006

Srdjan Cvijic of The TransAtlantic Assembly writes about the EU's unfairly mild reaction to homophobia and intolerance in Poland: “More importantly, the case of Poland, and the mild reaction of other member states, directly compromise the EU enlargement and foreign policy. How can the EU pretend to demand from the...

Poland: Warsaw Equality Parade

  15 June 2006

The beatroot posts Joseph Vogt's pictures from the Equality Parade that took place in Warsaw on June 10, and writes about the event that drew from 2,000 to 10,000 people: “Unlike similar marches in Poznan and Krakow which ended in bloody violence, this demonstration was peaceful and pleasant.” Becca Steel...

Poland: Equality Parade to Take Place Saturday

  9 June 2006

Poland's Equality Parade will take place Saturday; Becca of Boo writes on her plans to participate and also muses about the importance of “standing up for fundamental rights in what should be a modern, European state” at p3. The beatroot and p3 report that the All-Polish Youth decided to cancel...

Poland: “Stalinist War Criminal” Extradition Order

  8 June 2006

J. Otto Pohl explains his support for an academic boycott of Israel: “The state of Israel currently harbors a number of Stalinist war criminals guilty of abusing, torturing and murdering innocent men, women and children in the Baltic States and Poland. Foremost among these criminals is Solomon Morel wanted for...

Czech Republic: Election Ends in Stalemate

  5 June 2006

On June 2 and 3, the fourth election to the Chamber of Deputies since the 1993 split of Czechoslovakia took place in the Czech Republic – and ended in stalemate. Below are some bloggers’ reports and reactions. On the day the voting began, Bob Granico of Publius Pundit posted a...

Poland: “Dinner in Warsaw” Challenge Cancelled

  5 June 2006

A Polish reader of the Economist claimed it was impossible to find “a Briton who speaks fluent Polish.” Edward Lucas, the magazine's Central and East European correspondent, decided to prove him wrong: “I have challenged him to a dinner at a very expensive Warsaw restaurant, where I will produce a...

Poland: Politics and Protest

  5 June 2006

The beatroot writes about the recent Law and Justice Party convention: “…a victory rally. Not much else, really.” He also writes about the upcoming “summer of protest”: “The Tolerance Parade, and the counter demonstration by Polish far-rights groups, have received official permission from Warsaw’s local authorities to go ahead on...

Poland: History and the Present

  5 June 2006

The beatroot writes about an unfriendlyy Auschwitz encounter between Lebanese and Israeli tourists; a 1980 opinion poll taken secretly in Poland; and the belated investigations of the alleged Communist spy priests.

Poland: Investigation of Attack on Chief Rabbi

  1 June 2006

The beatroot reports on the lack of progress in the investigation of the attack on the Poland's Chief Rabbi that took place a day before the Pope's visit to Auschwitz: “If they want to show the world that they are a modern, civilized government then they should just get on...