· October, 2006

Stories about Poland from October, 2006

Poland: News and Opinion

  31 October 2006

The beatroot writes about media freedom in the EU, the fear of the Polish plumber (again; 70 comments so far), a Sudanese woman giving birth on a bus in Warsaw, and a few other matters.

Poland: New Coalition

  18 October 2006

The beatroot comments on Poland's new coalition government: “It's probably better just to ignore them.”

Poland's Pulse in the Blogosphere

  16 October 2006

Local Dancers in Poland's Lake District (Mazury) prepare for Sieja (kind of fish) Fish Festival – by Embe, WarsawDaily Perhaps a Christmas footballing miracle has come early, as Kinuk reports on Poland's victory over the 4th-ranked Portugal last week: Their victory surprised myself, N and my brother, P, who was...

Poland: Ryszard Kapuscinski and the Nobel Prize

  13 October 2006

The beatroot writes that the Nobel Prize for Literature “is not a literary prize at all, it merely reflects the contemporary obsessions of the West – and particularly Sweden” – and this is why Ryszard Kapuscinski didn't win this year.

Poland: “Sudden Carnival of Democracy”

  10 October 2006

The beatroot covers the recent rallies that took place in Warsaw: “We had the ‘blue’ march, the ‘white and rose’ march; we had the governing party hold a rally; we had crusty anarchists with pet mongrels.”

Congolese Writer Alain Mabanckou on André Schwarz-Bart

  7 October 2006

Alain Mabanckou, a novelist and poet from Congo-Brazzaville now living in California, pays tribute (Fr) to Polish-Jewish writer André Schwarz-Bart, author of Le Dernier de justes who passed away last weekend. Schwarz-Bart, who grew up in France during the German occupation, lived in Guadeloupe with his wife, writer Simone Schwarz-Bart.

Poland: Czech Flag Faux Pas

  5 October 2006

Warsaw Station reports on how Polish foreign ministry welcomed the Russian foreign minister Sergei Lavrov with a Czech flag.

Poland's Pulse in the Blogopshere

  2 October 2006

We’re looking through the Polish language blogs first, this time, as the political situation in the country generated a lot of heat in the blogosphere, as well as managed to get the world’s attention for a while. Here's the low down… After the break up of the coalition, the ruling...