· March, 2009

Stories about Poland from March, 2009

Poland: Justice System

  28 March 2009

Eternal Remont writes that, according to a study, “only 37 percent of Poles rate their justice system positively.”

Poland, UK: “Polska! Year”

  17 March 2009

the POLSKI blog writes about the Polska! Year in the UK, “a joint initiative of the Polish Ministry of Culture and National Heritage and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the cultural programme of the Year is coordinated by the Adam Mickiewicz Institute, which is responsible for the promotion of...

Poland: “The Brothers K”

  14 March 2009

Raf Uzar, whose “theory” is “that contemporary Polish politics will be fashioned by the strength (or weakness) of the relationship between the twins,” writes about “the Brothers Kaczyński.”

Poland: The Krakow Balloon

  4 March 2009

Polandian writes about “a giant white balloon” that appeared last summer in Krakow: “A faction of cracovians were convinced it was something to do with anti-missile defence radar or some such NATO voodoo, others thought it sure to be some tyrannical new Gazprom installation. […] The truth is, as ever,...