· June, 2008

Stories about Poland from June, 2008

Poland: “Observations of the Polish Character”

  18 June 2008

At Polandian, “observations of the Polish character” by Scatts: “Some of them relatively new or recently reinforced, others very old but all have been openly discussed with a variety of Poles who, for the most part, agree with me. Those who don’t agree with me, tend to disagree with anything...

Europe: Ideas for Cold War Museum

  18 June 2008

The Economist's Ceratin Ideas of Europe blog welcomes exhibit ideas for a Cold War museum that may be built “on a site near the old ‘Checkpoint Charlie’ border-crossing point in Berlin.” One reader suggests “a section on anti-communist humour.”

Poland: Euro 2008

  16 June 2008

Belatedly, a link to Raf Uzar‘s post on Poland's debut in Euro 2008: “After all the hype, glitz and talk of victory, Poland’s players served up one of their most lacklustre performances in recent years.”

Poland: Bilingualism

  7 June 2008

Scatts writes at Polandian about raising a child in “two languages and two cultures” – Polish and English.