· March, 2010

Stories about Poland from March, 2010

Ukraine: “Deal for Yanukovych: Bandera for Mezhyhiria”

  15 March 2010

Here is how Steve Bandera of Kyiv Scoop explains a mock deal that he has offered to the newly-elected Ukrainian president: “The point is to show the absurdity of the [Stepan Bandera] debate: almost everybody from Moscow to Warsaw to Edmonton has an opinion on Bandera (who was killed more...

Poland: Students Suing Former Minister of Education

  4 March 2010

Last year, two Wroclaw students signed a petition asking the headmaster to remove religious symbols from their school building - but he refused. The minister of education called these students "spoiled brats" - and they are suing him now. Magda Pilat reports on Polish bloggers' reactions.

Poland: Potential Internet Access Restrictions Boosting Creativity

  2 March 2010

Earlier this year, the Polish PM met with Polish bloggers to discuss the government's proposal to introduce the Registry of Banned Websites and Services. The result was the withdrawal of the above-mentioned proposal. The threat of any restrictions on the Polish web kicked off a series of creative reactions to the issue.

Poland: Fighting Cancer Online

  1 March 2010

Lenka is a joyful 5-year-old and Paula is an interior design student in her early twenties. You wouldn’t think that they have anything in common but they do. They both have cancer and they both have blogs describing their fight with the disease.